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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

2/23 c86 1Solrac - Laziness Incarnate
I was expecting Ainz to resurrect the dead rulers to make it look like he was a benevolent being, but still great chapter
2/15 c1 ZeroisMyFavorite
Ok, so this chapter is good, but the thing is the chapter feels rushed, there are 'pauses' in the original novel that make it better, by setting the emotion, or something, idk. But I don't mind it. So far 4.3/5.

Also, I'm going to complain about why Gazef didn-. Anyways, I hope to whom to be reading this, I hope thy day shalt be greater than the moon everlasting's light.
2/16 c86 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
I was here sitting in my chair thinking as any normal person would do, 'Hmm, what if Ainz was still in his Momon persona, and he didn't flashback to Ulbert saying something' whilst I was reading chapter 9, and I was thinking that there are two possibilities that can happen.

1, Ainz, I mean Momon would catch Clementine as she would trip. And the members of Black Scriptures would be misunderstood that Momon of Dark caught Clementine as she was running, and Momon would try to resolve the misunderstanding meaning, I can only think of one path, Momon would try to talk with them to know why she is chased by the Black Scripture, again a divergence in decisions, one that he would protect Clementine from them (Unlikely) after he listened to the Black Scripture, or two he would give up Clementine and give her to the Black Scripture, she would either beg him for protection or she curses him. The Captain would thank Momon for his 'cooperation' and because Momon is Momon he realise why would an entire group chase down a rogue member of the Black Scriptures, in fact, he wonders why even a group would chase her, one or two members could easily make Clementine a hard time or even capture her, Momon inquired, the Captain, the Captain was in awe, decided to tell him, but the Zesshi and others arrived. The Captain greets them, but Momon was thinking in deep thought 'Why the hell that these people have a World-Item?!' he was looking at the old woman, misunderstood, Kaire told him to be more subtle, Momon immediately denies the fact he was looking at her. The Captain told Momon, much to everyone's surprise, excluding Zesshi, she was looking at him in a particular way as if she was reading him. Of course, he would try to join their expedition, however, turned down by everyone except Zesshi, who said nothing, Momon challenged the Captain to a spar if he wins he would go with on the expedition, but the Captain wins he wouldn't, some of them said that this is a waste of time, but Momon said that he would follow them if the Captain didn't answer his challenge. Of course, saying this, the Captain accepts the duel, there are two scenarios in this battle one Momon holds back, and he losses, underestimating his foe, two Momon won the battle in a landslide, but no matter the outcome the Captain said that he can join them, because in the former choice Zesshi would say something the lines of 'he is holding his power', and everyone was spetical but this was the 'Extra Seat's' words. I can't think past this because Ihave not read the novel past the anime, so yea.

2, Momon would cast himself [Perfect Unknowable] and see the situation. I'm too lazy to continue, but you get the point, right?

So, Mister, Misses or whatever whom you be identify with, AbiWolf666 would be ever you be kind to grant me the permission to write a fanfic of your fanfic? Of course I would give you credit for the inspiration.


Sadly I can't create the story in this site, due becuase I type in the wrong email address, and accidently create the account from an atternative account to with I lost my password. So that is why I'm making in a docs for now. Have a nice day, AbiWolf666-sama.
2/16 c16 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
This chapter took a sudden change, huh? 4/5.
2/16 c13 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
Ohhh. 4.8/5.
2/15 c9 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
Exciting. Thank you for the chapter. 4.5/5
2/15 c7 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
I wonder if I can post links here?

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2/15 c6 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
4.5/5. So I'm in the 7th Heaven, that of course being, extremely happy, due the quality of the writing.
2/15 c2 ZeroIsMyFavoriteNumber
Hmm, I take it back from my preview review. 4.4/5.
2/13 c86 Kelvin Wong Jun Sheng
By the way, great job on another excellent chapter. Love your work.
2/13 c86 Kelvin Wong Jun Sheng
Damn. I thought that emperor is just obsessed with Alia, but now, this is just pure creepy. The sucker deserved
2/8 c33 DapperWeird
I’m rereading it because I lost my place but I don’t regret it because it’s so good
2/7 c19 Dayside
old mate is just giving power out like candy
1/30 c46 jlnorris75
the orc battle did not make sense the overlord was going for a good ruler concept the slaughter was just weird
1/30 c86 Guest
Still waiting for the next chapter and I'll keep waiting, hope it ain't going to be too long.
Don't know how you did it but this is become one of my top favorite reads.
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