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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

1/30 c86 Guest
Still waiting for the next chapter and I'll keep waiting, hope it ain't going to be too long.
Don't know how you did it but this is become one of my top favorite reads.
1/25 c14 7TheLivingMyth
Aww, I liked Brain he was cool. Oh well.
1/25 c10 TheLivingMyth
Bruh, was that a General Grievous reference hahaha
1/25 c3 TheLivingMyth
Writing is not that great. I love the plot despite some of the dialogue and paragraphs coming out pretty cringey and predictable, but I imagine this would not be an issue in future chapters down the road. After all, with time comes experience, and with experience comes a professional notion of writing.

Good stuff though. I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.
1/25 c71 1Anoynim
Helorin kingdom (Halflings nation) Isaris Gradrey Danster
Prince Nzeu Gradrey Danster

Holy Celestial Empirehuman nation with a stupid leader) Ajax nord d'armadus Aurora Micah Theliel (high priestess)

Argland Council State (Platinum /blue sky (Suveria Myronsilk) Dragon Lord Rigrit)

Slane Theocracy (Raymond Zard Lauransan (Earth), Berenice Nagua Santini (Fire) , Pontifex Maximus, lakyus alvein Dale aindra, captain Angelos arianiti)

Drogthoran Empire (Emperor Izmirdraph, humanoid with cow horns, sheep and goats)
X'eryus kingdom (warrior king Malkor Dragobia) zelves (elf with horns)

Et'hem Republic (Wolfman. Akira (highest alfaKasumi (kitsune)
Egrond Kingdom (blood elf) Queen Alyndra Eerieth
Lorestir Kingdom (Moon elf) Lilith Faekian

Mythen Iska Empire (Snow elf) Vorrdar Bidrosh (winter emperor)
Minotaur kingdom (minotaur) warrior king Grakus

(Underdark empire) Dark Empress Dragomira Eidrith Azamus (Dark elf)
1/24 c69 Anoynim
Artoria didn't get sex? XD
1/24 c69 Anoynim
So disgusting!
1/24 c67 Anoynim
Sirius the lewdhorny priestess.
Maybe Jeanne d'arc X Ainz?
NTR your servant/NPC xD
1/24 c65 Anoynim
Albedo, Artoria (lancer), Esdeath, Keno, Zesshi, Vrakulina, Alea, Nualia, Kuro, Seraph. Maybe the priestess of the elven country too (alea's kingdom, I forgot her name)

That would make 11 females XD
1/24 c59 Anoynim
Poor Jeanne d'arc she deserved better than this shit
1/23 c28 Anoynim
Kastriot (death emperor)
Hunyad (a summon of momonga)
Draudillon Oriculus (Empress of Draconic kingdomdescendant of the brightness Dragon LordDark scale DL)
Skander(Overlord general)
Angmar (Witch king)
Nualia (death Empressskin: purple and dark, white shot hair, covering one side of eyes, yellow eyes)
Ureirika and kuuderika (sisters of arche)
1/23 c23 Anoynim
Zesshi (Half elf).
Clementine (vampire /blood empress).
Nualia, the former spearwoman of the baharuth empire
(vampire if I am not wrongblood empress).
Kuro (succubus level 100)
Seraph (angel level 100)
Vrakulina (Vampire) she came after the negative burst.

A fine Harem.
1/23 c23 Anoynim
Mordo Flakë Zell (Volcanic Dragon Lord)
Argnosa (thunder Dragons)
Valmir Torsun (Wyvern Lord)
ZigurDeep darkness Dragon Lord )
Mortus inat (Vampiric Dragon Lord)
Broz (Catastrophe Dragon Lord)
4 Dragons lord and 2 chief of Dragon's tribes.

Quite a good team
1/23 c12 Anoynim
Ainz is like dio xD.
An undead (vampireundead), can stop time for more than 10 seconds, and Jojo memes xD.
1/21 c86 Daniel-palacio
Hombre este ff es súper genial en verdad me encanta amigo espero con muchas ganas la próxima actualización es dw mis favoritos XD

Man this ff is super cool I really love it dude I look forward to the next update it's dw my favorites XD
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