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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

1/21 c86 Daniel-palacio
Hombre este ff es súper genial en verdad me encanta amigo espero con muchas ganas la próxima actualización es dw mis favoritos XD

Man this ff is super cool I really love it dude I look forward to the next update it's dw my favorites XD
1/19 c86 miraivirus
Was wary of the crossover characters but it wasn't jarring.
1/14 c86 Snake Eyes
Ajax is officially broken, and dragomira is next. Can't wait to see it.
1/11 c54 4dcoon
I like this story more than Grand Foreigner.
1/11 c86 Galaxylord
I thought the elf queen hated the dark elf queen? Why this? I enjoyed the chapter and the story but why did make her a sex slave when she wanted nothing to do with her at all or even have a female partner I'm just confused
1/10 c86 Random-Fan-2017
I'm glad that Ainz finally dealt with this little thorn in his side. The first instance of crime to occur in his country was committed by someone from this empire, and it happened because...the Dark Empress kinda sucks at being an effective ruler. She can conquer her opponents pretty well, but internal disputes and crime tend to wear down even the mightiest of walls over time; and Ainz made her aware that actions have consequences. And when I saw Ainz's army take all of the criminals and slave traders, all I could think was: The population of half-demons in Ainz's kingdom is about to increase 'explosively'. Especially since I don't think they'd be going to the regular "dungeon". :I

And holy damn, when did Alea become such a kinky Dom? She just went from a submissive top to a power top. Has she been spending too much time with Shalltear, Albedo, or Esdeath? Or is this just pent-up anger and "frustration" finally coming out in an explosion of passion - and maybe a dopamine rush after so many of her problems were resolved in such a short amount of time? Now, I wonder how the other countries will receive the news of the Sorcerer Kingdom's victory? And maybe get informed of the deceptive ploy that just screwed them all, courtesy of the Argland Council-State & the Slane Theocracy... for however long the second one lasts. :)
1/9 c32 Guy from UrAnus
Ugandan Knuckles: Mhhhmm the waee. Hail Bone Daddy for he has seen the waee
1/9 c12 Guy from UrAnus
Hail! That jojo reference was unexpected but is very much welcome!
1/9 c86 LotusFury
Great chapter
1/9 c86 Guest
1/7 c86 Nadeneris
1/6 c86 Travian ross
I can only imagine what kind of sex toys shalltear has
1/6 c86 Guest
Damn what a great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one man!
1/6 c86 Guest
yessssssssssssssss waited ages for this
1/5 c86 RyuujiVantek
I dropped my phone on accident after realizing what alea planned to do...
Holy mother of god, alea is a freak! Even ainz was helpless xD
Damn! That was a wild ride... hehe get it? Ehe ehe...
The wait is so worth it! I wanna read more!
Fuck the haters and anowflakes who will rant about smut and gore, this is overlord bitchesssss!
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