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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

1/4 c85 Sixot Ruthless
everything was kind of well for Drgomira until Shalltear toys enter the game xdddd F just a very big F.
1/4 c86 Rune1821
Good job with the story. I am enjoying this a lot and I like how you don't make this story just about Ainz, you also have the side characters take a few steps in the spotlight, especially with Neija's side story. Keep up the good work and don't push yourself too much.
1/4 c86 BlackRazor077
I really enjoyed this story at first, but it completely went down-hill now. The Author is just forcing himself to write this story at this point. Really lazy and bad writing. I can't read it anymore, damn what a waste
1/4 c86 Marv1n
I'm glad this is still ongoing. Thanks for the new chapter
1/4 c30 LotusFury
I'm rooting for Draudillon to tell him her feelings some day
1/3 c86 Ghh
An update thanks mate good job, keep updating
1/3 c86 Guest
New chapter on my favorite fic and on my birthday too
1/3 c86 Guest
Damn. This shit hit that spot. I love your writing!
1/4 c86 SpudyPotato
Christ knows why I did it but using 2019 data and the 12mil population, 20 deaths a day stats you gave I figured out that Darkarth would be the number 9 most murderous city if it existed in our world. And at 60.8 has less than half the 'deaths per 100,000' than Tijuana, Mexico at number 1 with 134.24. So it could be a lot worse...

Anyway! Really enjoyable chapter this time round, got the opening enemy POV and a good feature from the Ainz Waifu Squad. Alea has become quiet the kinky mind since meeting Ainz, hope to see more of her and the other girls doing their own things. Will we get to see some bits of what life is like in the recently conquered territories? I think it would be cool.
1/4 c86 Last Divine Shadow
1/4 c86 max111000
I enjoy the story, you could use somme better wording here and there, nut there are no misteakes. Wasnt J'ane figthing at all, I wanted to see her put to the first test of loiality. I had fun readnig, have fun writing!
1/3 c86 The beginn of Red Dawn
great update.

I am very happy that you are still telling the story.
1/3 c86 Rice with Chest-Nuts
whoohohooop! fuck'n finally! a new update~ so hyped! so excited! and of course, so glad to see this story from you again... definitely one hell of a year huh? Happy New Year to you, and to all of you, who enjoying this story!
this was certainly a good way to start a day, in a new year... lmao

...oh, and even if its a little bit late, Merry Christmas as well! for those who celebrate it~
1/3 c86 Malice Flare
happy new year, and welcome back...

fireworks of a different sort, heh...
1/3 c86 6Neko Twins Kagamine
Nice chapter and i can wait for next hehehehe
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