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for A Period Of Calm During A Certain Transition From One Order To Another

4/13 c7 11ArmoredCoreNineBall
And we've reached the end of this leg... but we know this is is just another leg!

Still, nice to see the political undertones; Not a lot of series really touch on that. Makes em really curious how your going to handle GT plot-points in he future. Plus, the girls grilling Touma about his other adventures with women is pretty funny.

I'll be waiting here for your next piece of work! Stay safe out there, my friend!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things.
4/8 c7 71ADdude
Its nice to hear Touma is talking to the entity in his body, you always strive to have cordial relaitons with anything living inside of you.
"Barring anything unforseen taking place" read that and you freaking jynx yourselves. You did it. You doomed us all Index.
Great work, keep it up
4/4 c7 Mr. X
I didn't know it ended already. Anyway, plans for your new story? Hope it's rated M someday.
4/5 c7 3RebelCris
A good and fitting end, should I say though it would be quite disappointed to see that you would not be writing for a while. Nevertheless, stay strong on whatever those matters are and relax for the moment if you feel the need to do so.
3/20 c6 1tsun
nice transition.
3/2 c6 GunsAndMagic
Beautiful. If you choose to continue this series, I will definitely be reading it. Thank you!
2/28 c6 8Brosephg
Now that I'm finally caught up - for real, this time! - I think I can actually offer some words of praise. I've been saving this until I actually read all of the (as of this writing) published material.

I'm not one who usually appreciates build-ups, or a lack of constant face-smashing action. Your writing, however, is an exception to my usual tastes. You can somehow make entire chapters based on build-up and even exposition chapters enthralling. I can't often claim to become lost in fictional works, but you have a great way of reeling a reader in, my friend. The characterization and character interaction is key in making this so. You pay incredibly fine attention to characterization details that most might overlook, deeming such details ultimately unimportant; "most" includes me.

Commenting on individual scenes and character moments that I've read from chapters 1-5, and as of recent, 6 here would make this review unbearably long-winded, so I'll abstain from doing so. Instead, I'll just state here how everything seems to flow so well, whether it's the happenings of those part of the Kamijou Residence or what we've seen thus far of Accelerator in his new station as Superintendent. It just works.

I absolute cannot wait for subsequent installments. APPROVED! As if it weren't obvious enough.
2/25 c6 3RebelCris
Poor Accel-chan. He got a lot of things in his plate. Well, that was fun and all in this chapter. Got to say I'll wait for the next chapter.
2/24 c6 7MrQuestionMark
That definitely was fun!

Not much to say here, especially since you hinted that more will be revealed in future chapters. But I liked seeing the more complex and political side of things with Accelerator, Kaizumi and Oyafune. Not to mention a surprise appearance from the king of guts!

All in all, for an exposition chapter, I really solid effort and good job!

Waiting for more...

Mr ?
2/23 c6 71ADdude
Ooooooh, so yeah, it looks like Accelerator has lot of work ahead of him.
Did Crowley hate him? Because yeah, this is going to blow up in his face. There is no way that this can't go badly.
Though I loved his entrance, just classy enough and he shows whose the boss.
2/23 c6 11ArmoredCoreNineBall
And things are starting to pick up!

Figuring out what to do with the city, and considering what to do with them is a nice touch. Flipping the switch back on at will could cause problems, after all. Plus we got a little bit of Touma adjusting to running solo with Othinus too; It certainly must be odd not living with a human garbage disposal for a little bit. And eventually, the outside world will take notice... fufu!

Good chapter; waiting patiently for more!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things.
2/23 c6 Mr. X
Wished this update faster, kinda like a weekly release.
1/8 c5 ArmoredCoreNineBall
The boys are back in town!

And so the group heads for home, leaving those more inclined with magic behind. Anna watches with a curious gaze, and the group discusses turning Academy City back on. Good stuff. Not much else to really say, I suppose! I'm just curious where this story is heading!

Good chapter; waiting patiently for more!

ArmoredCoreNineBall, your friendly (not)robotic (not)overlord (possibly)person who occasionally writes things.
1/6 c5 71ADdude
That’s probably Touma best flight. No terrorist to fight, no one throwing him off the plane, no tricking a saint off with him to save him, no going to war zone
1/6 c5 3RebelCris
Nice Chapter. Been busy so can't really say much (since my mind is a bit disoriented) but I would like to see what happened to the rest of Academy City's population. Carry on sir :)
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