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6/23 c12 skykill3ers
Hey Princess Peacock I forgot to answer your question at the end of the story! Of course you should keep writing Incredibles fanfiction! Its really entertaining. As long as you keep using your imagination, your stories are always going to be perfect. ;)
6/23 c12 96UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
Thanks for the chapter. I really appreciate it. You should keep doing both stories and Uncle Incredible. Good job.
6/11 c11 skykill3ers
Great chapter! Keep it up!
5/27 c3 shylittleartist016
well um why not let uncle incredible meet Tony for the first time
5/18 c10 skykill3ers
Hope you get better soon, PrincessPeacock! You are amazing at making these stories
4/25 c9 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
4/25 c8 skykill3ers
Great chapter Princess Peacock!
4/16 c8 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
That was a very smart way for Lucius to help Violet feel better! Good job!
4/16 c7 skykill3ers
Great chapter! Keep it up!
3/13 c7 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
Great new chapter! I have an idea! How about having them fight a bad guy together, working up some new power combinations as well!
1/27 c6 skykill3ers
Beautiful chapter PrincessPeacock! Keep it up!
1/27 c6 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
Great chapter! Keep up the good work!
1/2 c5 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
Great work, Princess Peacock7! Keep it up! Also, thanks for the compliment!
11/11/2019 c3 skykill3ers
I have an idea for your next chapter! You should do a chapter where they got to a beach and play at the boardwalk to play carnival games and ride the ferris wheel
11/11/2019 c3 UltimateDisneyInfinityFan
Great chapter! See about making a chapter where they spend a day at the movies.
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