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10/14/2019 c1 3xXRocketShark216Xx
I like this episode..sortof. I gotta admit, i liked Mythos a lot better than this, but still. I did enjoy it.

I had some issues though. Most of them involve the pacing of the episode-feels like a lot of events happened really fast. At least imo, anyway.

I also found Yukishi and Yuto's eagerness to become the Sentai a bit off. They just kinda go with it immediately and i get that Yukishi's personality is supposed to be like a brave idiot basically, but still, a bit of hesitation and skepticism would've been nice, especially since Yukishi is established to be brand new to the whole D&D thing. You would think the dumb jock of the group would question the story Remlin gave more.

I also have to admit, wasnt really a fan of the comedy bit where Yukishi fell down face first into Valanthe's boobs. I typically find that style of humor really cliche and more fanservice-y than funny. (Only anime where ive ever laughed at a joke like this is Evangelion when Shinji falls on a naked Rei coming out if the shower and the only reason i laughed was bc she barely reacted to it, subverting the whole trope of the girl shouting "YOU BAKA PERVERT!" or something similar)

If i was to nitpick one last thing, itd be Remlin and Valanthe's secret identities, or lack thereof. I find it really odd that they wouldnt use alternate names that fit in better with the human world but thats just me.

I'd like to stress that I DID like this episode and im not trying to be overly negative, these are just some things that did kinda bug me. Overall its a fine episode, and there are plenty of things i did like. Biggest one being how they fought in the fantasy world instead of on Earth, that was a really nice change of pace and although it likely wont be that way forever, i do hope it keeps up for a little while bc its unique and something that we dont normally see in toku.

Anyway, excited to see how the next episode plays out. Sorry for the overly long review.

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