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for Ace Savvy: A New Hope

5/28 c10 34Imagaco
You’ve taken your first step into a much louder world... you just haven’t realized it yet.
4/12 c1 Cleanupsoup
Really enjoyed the story. I cant believe it took me this long to find it, but looking forward to the rest of the series
3/28 c10 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for writing such a wonderful story. :)
3/10 c10 Chrono tigger
You could do a spin off of Requiem for a Loud. One that shows Lincoln's family, his friends, Clyed, his classmates, his grandfather, the principal. the curmudgeonly gentleman neighbor. Ronnie Anne and etc. So that we can see how they continue their life trying to accept the untimely death of the "man of the plan"
3/6 c3 Ace Dreamer
Nice story, good structure, I'm guessing from a few of the word-choices that English might not be your first language. If so, your writing is amazing! If you want to do even better, you might want to try one or two tricks a friend who did creative writing mentioned.

The first is to find a retired English teacher, preferably one for who English is something they are fanatical about. If you can persuade them to read and comment on your stories, to 'help improve your English', be prepared for a lot of painful criticism, but, the bits on word-choice are really worth listening to. You are doing a pretty good job on everything else.

Second is to use the web-browser add-on 'languagetool', which is free-to-use (unlike Grammarly). If you are into computing then you could also download (from GitHub) and install it as a tool, on a PC, which can make it even more useful. I, of course, would not use this to help me find mistakes, when typing stuff while half-asleep. :)

Something I noticed, Chapter 1:
My name is Lincoln McBride
Chapter 3:
"You're such a strategist, Loud."

Is the main character, Lincoln, currently surnamed 'Loud' or 'McBride'? I was guessing his original surname would only be revealed later in the story?

Whatever, please keep writing this excellent story!
3/5 c1 Ace Dreamer
I like the story, well-paced, well-plotted, good English. The fore-shadowing is good, D&D hero, real-life hero.

Unfortunately, the 'origin story', "Batman is created by Bruce Wayne (as a child) seeing his parents killed" crossed with "Harry Potter (as a baby) sees his parents killed by a green flash of light", really threw me. I'd politely suggest you could've done something like add another layer. Like flash-back Lincoln sees his own spirit pushed from his body, and the spirit of Ace Savvy (with a hole in his chest) replaces it. Or something. Mixing Batman and Harry Potter like that, in something you say is inspired by MCU, really doesn't work, for me. Not 'deep' enough. Needs more cowbell. :)

But, otherwise, no criticism, excellent story. Hope you don't mind this review.
2/26 c10 30meowloudly15
Louds... Assemble!

Oh my goodness this was fantastic you are fantastic I am gonna DM you and rant your ear off ok bye
2/20 c10 GamerChicken12
Respect dude!
2/14 c10 74burtonfan422
I'm glad Lincoln managed to make amends with his friends and family, and I am glad that the project is going to be fixed (to a certain degree) it's funny how Rusty is trying to get some attention. I think it's cool how you did a mid-credit scene with Lynn and Lisa. I think I will enjoy seeing more stories in this universe!
2/14 c9 burtonfan422
He was a true hero! I liked how he used some of the villains' gear to take on Tetherby. But yes, I guess this shows what greed does. I thought it was hilarious how that one henchman realized the job he had wasn't good enough and left, seems he had more common sense than a lot of henchmen do in movies. I guess Katherine Mulligan's reporter training came in handy tonight so she could videotape the fight and show everyone what a hero he is.
2/9 c10 Guest
I feel stupid for not anticipating that there would be a post-credits scene. Granted, it's difficult to imagine someone doing a post-credits scene in a work that doesn't include credits. It does make me anticipate what's coming next, at least. Both with Luna and Sam, and with this new revelation about a L.O.U.D initiative.

But what a fantastic read overall. There was real satisfaction in watching Lincoln rise from a superhero fanboy to a superhero in his own right. Watching him grow into his new powers and learning to manage his personal and secret lives was good, but I think my favorite part of his journey was watching him gain the approval of everyone else, particularly Nova and Eclipse. It made me a little sad before when Lori shouted him down and coldly expressed how disappointed she was, but I knew that thread would resolve itself well, and it did. I loved reading the relationship between those three in general, I can't wait to get more of that!

Speaking of relationships, Lincoln and Girl Jordan, man I loved reading those two here. It's one of those times in a superhero story where I actually like the chemistry between the main couple (one of the few things the Amazing Spiderman movies did right, in my opinion which is correct and if you disagree then you're stupid and fat, was how they wrote Peter and Gwen, so while it might sound like an insult, I am comparing the writing of Jordan and Lincoln here to Amazing Spiderman. The good part though!). So very much looking forward to how Lincoln and Jordan develop from here...which they will, right? o_o

I think a lot of what I'm saying is that I'm looking forward to what comes next, but that's because I am. Especially with the mysteries you've set up here about Lincoln's lineage. But that's not to dismiss all the work you've already done. You did well here, and I expect the quality to only increase with the future (especially once you buy Grammarly Premium with my promo code UnderratedHeroMoreLikeOverratedZeroHahaTakeThat for a 2 cents discount)
2/9 c10 21The Siege Perilous
Wow. What a trip it's been. I mean, there's still a long ways to go, but you've reached a very satisfying milestone here, and I'm glad I was able to see it.

This was a pretty fantastic fic from start to finish. We've seen Lincoln grow, and fall, and get back up for another go, it's a very complete journey about a young hero coming into his own. But it's also only one small part of a much bigger story, and I can't wait to see how that plays out, especially after that little post-credits teaser.

Awesome job man, keep up the great work!
2/8 c10 7FanficFan920
KNEW we’d get a reference to Iron Man’s post-credits scene!

So, what does L.O.U.D. stand for?

Rita giving up Lincoln at 2 is a very interesting part of the overarching backstory we’ll likely see unfold over all the HeroVerse stories.

So, next up is a Power Chord story. Nice. Excited to see who else might feature there. Maybe Luan’s Joker?
2/7 c10 Guest
Realistically, Lori should've remember she once had a brother with white hair back when she was 8.

How come she hadvent' connect the dot yet?
2/7 c10 Jeff
It's been quite the ride, sticking with this fic from the start to the end. I'm glad things turned out as great as they did here. I'll be patiently but eagerly awaiting the next story in this series.
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