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5/5 c44 Eloy
I Think that you continúe it for me, i am a fan of Devil May Cry and Bleach one of my fanfics favorite i liked how you connected the lore of the two relationship berween Nero and Yoruichi is very well worked,also the friendship that Nero has with ichigo for me it is a very good fic and it would be a shame If you didn’t finísh it seeing how much effort you put into writing it.
3/8 c44 Anonymous
Maybe there should be three different types of demon/mortal hybrids pure, spiritual, and physical. Yoruichi falls into the spiritual category, a hybrid whose spiritual essence is the only part that's part demonic, they can use the magical powers of a demon, and can heal faster, but their bodies are still mortal, so they can't survive wounds that would normally be fatal to any other mortal, nor do they have the enhanced physical abilities of demons. Physical hybrids, possibly the ones who have been keeping the dragon population down, are hybrids whose bodies are part demonic, probably through taking the risk of actually eating the flesh of a demon and managing to survive. They are basically the exact opposite of Yoruichi, they have all the physical abilities of demons, such as regeneration even from normally fatal wounds, enhanced strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and longevity, but they don't have the magical powers of a demon. Pure hybrids are what Nero is, naturally born a hybrid, so both his body and spiritual essence are part demon. All three have devil trigger, but physical and spiritual hybrids devil triggers are incomplete, not as powerful as a pure hybrids whose devil trigger can evolve further with maturity.
11/11/2023 c25 Greer123
I am really enjoying this story and I hope you continue it. Hope you are doing well.
8/15/2023 c44 Guest
6/21/2023 c8 GHETTOKINGKAI
im sorry but I've gotta drop heavy criticism here again, this story has been overall boring and bland af honestly with the only alterations being some fights and nero as just a placeholder character, which is trash in my honest opinion, really not liking the overly complicated same personality comparing your forcing here between ichigo and nero either, it just makes no sense why you'd literally write in a different character but make them completely the same fucking person damn near. At this point you might as well have just written ichigo and nero as one individual being altogether. Or for fucks sake make them brothers at ht every least because this makes no sense why you'd have a seemingly separate character in the bleach universe but make him pretty much the EXACT same overly moronic and childish personality as ichigo. I also don't see in ANY real or natural way how you're going to make the yoruichi and nero pairing even work here. You've already set in many minds in the earlier chapters, from the way you've portrayed nero here, as some overly cocky and annoying teenage prude who doesn't know how to interact with people, which is fucking sorry as hell and even yoruichi here feels like a goddamn stonewall and also already seemingly views nero as the same cocky teenage child as ichigo which is fucking repulsive, and she has way more of a maternal figure role than she does an actual love interests perspective here. I also just really hate that you haven't even seem to have displayed ANY real nuance of neros strength yet at all. This doesn't even feel like just a nerf at this point and your now saying hes barely above false bankai ichigo when you already said hes stronger than that even with ichigos uncontrolled hollow mask? Dude where is the consistency here, neros character and his interactions with yoruichi so far have felt like nothing but a parent watching over a child and you fucked that up royally by trying to make ichigo and nero the same annoying personality smh.
6/21/2023 c7 GHETTOKINGKAI
this chapter was much better than all the previous ones so far, so that's definitely saying something, and i do somewhat like the fight between soi fon and nero although i do still feel like you've significantly hampered his overall level of actual base power here compared to the likes of the captains. ESPECIALLY someone like soi fon, who in all honesty is one of the weakest captains in the gotei thirteens history. Nero shouldn't have anywhere near struggled against her even with her plausible advantages of speed and he more than certainly would be able to push into her shikai way faster in reality given how much hes fought Dante and virgil in base form himself, even the other types of demons hes fought would be more than a challenge for the likes of soi fon in all honesty. Bleach characters are powerful as fuck, but your severely underselling the power of dmc characters so far which is not looking to great here at all tbh. Hopefully this turns around quickly and isn't a common theme with nero either.
6/20/2023 c5 GHETTOKINGKAI
im really having a hard time liking this story in all honesty, firstly ill say that the overall intro of nero was great and all but goddamn literally only within the first moments of him meeting urahara and ichigo and co, you've made him even more moronic and fucking childish than even ichigo and that's just abhorrently annoying . Like i said both of their personalities are already even harder to tell apart because of that and its honestly just not a great depiction of nero so far, even you nerfing his powers for story progression here, feels like its not even worth it at this point if your gonna just make an overly ignorant ass portrayal copy and paste of ichigos character as you have so far. Yeah i get hes arrogant and a smart mouth to a degree, but for fucks sake why make him act like a prude and an idiot like ichigo, and how is it he doesn't know or wouldn't suspect urahara is a former captain or member of the gotei thirteen or how he apparently didn't know hed be going to soul society in the first place? That just sounds contradictory as fuck when nero has already had first hand experience with MANY supernatural entitles and also both met and sparred with yoruichi enough times to guess for fucks sake. He should've already been able to figure at LEAST that much out about them being from soul society so the forced ignorance is unnecessary as hell here.
6/20/2023 c1 dukalow45
I personally like your story. I like how you building up Soifon and Nero friendship with each and we get to see a rematch between the two if you ever want to continue writing and I don’t see the problem with Nero and Yoruichi romance. Plus theres not alot of Dmc/Bleach stories out there that doesn’t end on cliffhangers
6/20/2023 c1 dukalow45
I personally like your story. I like how you building up Soifon and Nero friendship with each and we get to see a rematch between the two and I don’t see the problem with Nero and Yoruichi romance I appreciate how wholesome it is and playfulness they bring to each other along with conflict between Nero and the nobles of Soul Society or Gotei 13
6/20/2023 c3 GHETTOKINGKAI
chapter was ok i guess , im a bit confused on how your gauging neros overall power level since you just said in the beginning that hes already more powerful than ichigo with an uncontrolled hollow mask at that, yet you backtracked by saying that with kisuke here hes apparently only lieutenant level? Not liking the nerf of power for plot progression take here at all, also im still not a fan of the teenage aspect here, this prude and childish behavior is really annoying and i hope its not gonna stick around much longer. Nero is not ichigo and im already having a hard time disregarding the two being different characters due to how obnoxious ichigo already is in canon so i really fuckin hope nero is not just gonna sulk around being some idiot who gets his ass kicked all the time or cant handle being around hot ass women like ichigo cause i wont be able to read the rest of this if that's gonna be your shtick with this story here. Nero canonically is also far more powerful than most bleach characters and is already older than ichigo and his other human friends. Im also wondering if your completely writing off dmc 5 in favor of dmc 4 cause that also wouldn't make any sense to the story in my opinion if thats how your doing things for nero here.
6/20/2023 c2 GHETTOKINGKAI
ok so far this crossover is pretty good, i havent found too many dmc/beach stories on here and i like the way you've introduced nero into the bleach world so far here. Albeit i do find his personality quite annoying to some degree so far, specifically because im hoping that hes not gonna be some uptight annoying ass prude like ichigo was in canon, also nero age wise is actually a young adult and is almost a decade older than ichigo and his human friends at this point in time, hes actually about 25-30 years old between the 4th and 5th game so i kind of feel like your giving him the short stick with the whole annoying teenage aspect. I really hope that's not gonna make this story annoying or downright unreadable for me as i absolutely HATE the way ichigo acted in canon himself, so i do hope that nero is alot less like some teenage hormonal bitchmade prude ichigo was.
6/12/2023 c44 Z.L.C. genesmith
Personally, I think the fact that you have over 1,000 favs and follows alike on this story should tell you all you need to know about whether or not you should continue this tale or not. But that's just my opinion, and seeing as I'm one of the readers who love this story, my opinion is rather biased in favor of more. I hope to see this story continue soon!
6/6/2023 c44 Guest
In my opinion this story is awsome! I don't know why others are so mad about Nero and Yoruichi's relationship, there are not so many stories about any kind of romance about Yoruichi(Not including stupid harems), so this story is a breath fresh air for me. But in the end the decision about continuation is your's only, so take your time as much as you want :) good luck to you, comrade!
6/3/2023 c44 Guest
Please continue
3/17/2023 c44 Fanreader123456
Please continue the story because I think I like where the story is going
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