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for Whumptober 2019 Oneshots

12/18/2019 c1 10PacificZip16
You should totally make this chapter into a proper story!
I'd love to set how it ends!
11/3/2019 c4 153JanetM74
These were great!
10/25/2019 c4 69TheWeatherOutside
Really enjoying these so far!
10/15/2019 c4 39Poke-ranger21
interesting, not often you see three prompts in one chapter but you handled it very well
10/14/2019 c3 Poke-ranger21
10/14/2019 c3 Poke-ranger21
really good so far, I really love Gordon whumps even though he's my fav character, because he really stabds out in family of astronauts and pilots
10/14/2019 c1 12LouTheStarSpeaker
Yay! More whumptober writers! I could never do what you guys do, but thanks for the stories, I loved them all and I can't wait for more
10/14/2019 c3 9Copy-Nin's Daughter
I’m crying, but now want to see fanart of Virgil doing an Irish jig.
10/14/2019 c1 Copy-Nin's Daughter
Have you ever watched Macgyver? There’s an episode where he burns his hands and heads all I could think of...poor Gordon.
10/14/2019 c2 Copy-Nin's Daughter
Ambitious, but I like!

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