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for Railgun Girls watches STAR WARS The Force Eternal

3/5 c26 Guest
What new fanfic?
3/5 c26 1keybladelight
Good to have you back hope to see more of it.
3/5 c26 Drcaus
So when you update the next chapter of Rwby watch Fate/Zero
12/1/2020 c25 Guest
When are you going to update new story for fate series and hunters of justice? It’s December first already.
11/18/2020 c25 Guest
I hope it not that long.
11/17/2020 c24 Crimson queen
Hey after you update this fanfiction can you update either Rwby watches hunters of justice or Rwby watches Fate Zero please
11/18/2020 c25 Dasgun
11/18/2020 c25 keybladelight
Good chapter can wait for the railgun characters react to baby Yoda.
11/15/2020 c24 Guest

Oh sorry, I'm not laughing at you author. I'm laughing at how it's been over a year and 24 chapters since an idiot from 'Critic's United' back in Chapter 1/prolouge attempted to 'report' you.

But now look! I will always say this (and be joyful that I am proven right);

THEY HAVE ZERO AUTHORITY NOR ANY 'POWER' WHATSOEVER! It's all a fantasy in their heads thinking they are the 'Knight's in shining armor' on 'protecting copyright'







10/8/2020 c24 Guest
10/8/2020 c24 Dasgun
9/9/2020 c23 Vist-97
Hey it’s been like September 9 now when are you going to come back and update next chapter for “hunters of justice?”
9/3/2020 c23 Saberfan117
that's good and all but Fate/Zero reactions update when?

Are you procrastinating?
9/3/2020 c1 Gotfanfic
To Vist-97 stop being annoying, the author will update the story when they gets to it. There are other people who want different story. You trying to force the author to update certain stories is going to make them not want to update. how about you write your own story
To triscythe59 love your work, keep it up.
9/1/2020 c23 Guest47
To triscythe59
Love you work, keep it up, and do what you want.
To Vist-97
Stop being annoying and spamming the author. This is how fanfiction dies. The author will get to the story when they want to. You have a problem with that write you own story.
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