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for Princesses of Power and Robots in Disguise

1/5 c13 2Nitro zeus
Awesome I love it
1/1 c13 5Benjustice
Wow, Optimus Prime and Megatron have arrive.

Can't for what new Autobots and Decepticons are in volume 2.
1/1 c13 Rosebud66
and that's a wrap people! am so happy you updated this as it is currently 11:29 am on january 1 2021 i cant wait to read the next volume! now am curious about who optomus peime is going to be paired with and thats only if he gets paired up with someone
1/1 c13 2Heart of the Demons
The way this chapter opens the door for possible new volumes in your POPARID series is absolutely fantastic! The battle to defend Etheria has never been as high as it was here, and you wrote it out in the most epic way imaginable. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.
1/1 c13 1Saramus92
Wow what a chapter, with a really great ending.
I can't wait to read the next volume of the story, I wonder if there will be Omega Supreme too.
1/1 c13 1eecobeo
So many fun references such a cool entrance for Optimus will horde prime have a piece of unicron with will he possess Optimus like quintessa? So many questions
12/31/2020 c13 Guest
Happy New Year
12/31/2020 c13 Ryry-24
I see what you are doing here. You are doing a story for each season of the show.
12/31/2020 c13 3AmazingBran
12/31/2020 c13 6XWorrior1113
The final battle... Optimus Prime... Megatron... and the Dinobots. Best volume ending ever
12/31/2020 c13 TheManiacalMadman
Now Megatron won't care about Starscream's failure, Optimus Prime is here!
And One Shall Stand And One Shall Fall
12/9/2020 c12 501awezome
I hope Entrapta meets Shockwave those two would work great together as Entrapta would be fascinated by the advanced and interesting mechanical genetics of Cybertron and Shockwave having Entrapta as a lab partner in his Predacon project would be the most... Logical action.
12/8/2020 c12 45King of 2211
Wonder how Adora would feel if Hot Rod were human ike her
12/7/2020 c12 2Heart of the Demons
This is an amazing penultimate chapter. I'm not worried about it being short; I'm just having a ton of fun reading this crossover. :)
12/7/2020 c12 6XWorrior1113
Well, things are about to go down. I like how more of the villains are starting to pair up. Also, it was cathartic to see Starscream and Catra take Shadow Weaver down and build the closest thing they have with a fanfiction
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