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6/1 c25 Black cross0
Something tells me if Weiss gets caught by the dead lights something different is going to happen to her unlike the others, though it will definitely be something bad it will still be different.

6/1 c25 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) The... Story in the logbook (for better word), kinda reminds me of "Resident Evil 7" (never played the game, only watched others) and "The Dunwich Horror".
For some reason...
b) Gram memory loss: ...Jepp, they are doomed...
c) Weird question: For some time ago (you proboly have forgotten about it and I dont blame you if you have) I asked if Nora would had liked blood-pancakes (palt).
...Now I wondering if she would had liked raggmunk (basicly potato-pancakes)(and fläsk/pork)?
(I dont know why this questions pop up, okej?!)
3. Take youre time (no problems) and Keep Up with the Good Work (washed Thumbs Up!).
6/1 c25 5Crimson Weresloth
I am really hoping that Ms. Marsh isn't going to try to kill Weiss... Also I'm going to make a wild guess and say the target for the last arc was member of this inbreed family?
5/19 c24 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) (Partly already answered in this chapter): Hoping for Weiss insulting in other langueges as well.
(...and there a few...)
b) ...A medallion, eh?
c) The Undescrible Light did it (causing Ms Rude her memory loss)...
d) ...(The Undescrible Light showing up) They are dead...
e) Fausta and Gram discusion about swearwords and uses in the future: ...Wonder how many this kind of discusions (all kind of topics) had happened (and still happens) through history...
3. Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
5/18 c24 Crimson Weresloth
Welp, they found the mom and son. Now where the head of the family at?

See you next time.
5/18 c24 Black cross0
Holy crap our hero’s almost got killed by pennywise’s more handsome looking older cousin! Lol!

Anyway can’t wait for the next chapter and it features glowing corpses…. yay….?
5/4 c23 Carre
1. Thanks for answers (chapter 22).
2. Hope it went well with the Finals.
3. a) ...Weiss predicting Svarta Torsdagen (aka The Wall Street-crash)... Not suprissing really, consider her background, I soppose...
b) ...Wonder if Weiss have learned some new insults...
4. Keep Up with the Good Work (washed Thumbs Up!).
5/4 c23 Crimson Weresloth
Good to see this story back. Can't wait to see more.
5/3 c23 Black cross0
I clap for Weiss tell that cook where he can show that spatula lol!

Something tells me Weiss is going to be victorious but at the same time not, like by a lot!

Also glad she now knows Spanish, it reminds me of sytokun’s rwby he working, Blake has a French accent in it and it sound great. Look him up on YouTube or Twitter if you ever get the time.

Anyway can’t wai the next chapter and glad to have you back buddy.
4/1 c22 Crimson Weresloth
Happy to help.
4/1 c22 Black cross0
This was funny!

Hmm two ravens you said. Saw the fake one but the other one that saved them... what’s the deal with that?

Anyway can’t wait for the next chapter!
2/23 c21 Crimson Weresloth
Not a bad chapter, not going to lie when they were shoting Jack all I can think of is "Kill it with Violence". Also as for my room number, was there a room number of a man who brutality murder a room of people with the walls painted in so much blood that it would make a Khorne pleased. Also, damn, so fucking close Ruby, so close.

Also, can't wait for the next arc and also can't wait to see how people like that chapter I wrote for you.
2/23 c21 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
My number in Nighmare Hall: ...Dont wanna know, thank you very much!
2. a) Jack cant (and want to) die: ...To many refencerns to tally for me...
b) Ruby: ...Oh, helvetes skit också!
They were just so close too find each others!
c) (Thoughts when reading in order) - Horrible looking land and a family who died horrible and wich will be "drowned" by water: ...sounds like "The colour out of space", if I remember corectly.
- (Remember/Memory fresh of that said story and the description for the next chapter) ...Weiss are gonna die (horrible)...
- ... Nice cover art.
3. Take youre time, (whisper so that a ceartin crazy Tor-wannabe girl dont hears) break a leg with the studies (continues in normal tone) and Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
2/23 c21 Black cross0
Oh god yang i feel sorry for her, we all know what she saw and it’s a fucking miracle her brain is not goo right now... literally and figuratively.

And they are finally out of that hell hole, damn that was crazy!

So yang has some memories of summer but how much is the question. And it’s interesting that yeah that wasn’t Raven but if that wasn’t her then what saved Schmidt? And why did it take the form of Raven, someone yang doesn’t know or remember? Because it could be a form of memory because we know Raven saved yang from getting killed by neo but we know yang didn’t see it happen...hmm is there something I’m not seeing just yet?

Also the color... the color out of space.

And now with yang’s story done we move on to the former heiress of SDC wonder what we’ll see? Hey since she doesn’t have one her arms she could used the knight’s arm in shrunken form the fit her body, just a suggestion.

And last the title: Dead Lights... Weiss if you see a clown offering you a balloon or anything you freeze his ass and you RUN!

Or else you’ll float too.
2/12 c1 7UjnIaS
This is written in less of a story and more of a screen play. That deters from the enjoyment.
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