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for Actions Have Consequences

4/19/2020 c5 1liliCartMan
Oh dear, Audrey caring more about "the spectacle" Chloe did rather than Chloe total lack of moral sense (selling all her city to a magical megalomaniac, to have one ore more powers) -_- I cannot be surprised: in the canon, she despised how "incapable" Chloe proved in the underground, and started liking back Chloe more when she saw how her daughter treated people like slaves.
I cannot wait to see how Chloe reacted. Maybe she wanted mom to like her MUCH more, having her reduced as slaves not only Sabrina but the so powerful heroes of Paris?
12/5/2019 c5 Random Reader
Keep Going! This is brilliant!

Why do I got a feeling when this is over chloe won't just be going to prison; she'll be banned in America, and receive the ultimate comeuppance; hopefully with lila following soon after.
11/4/2019 c5 StarBun29
ms bourgeois is SO considerate!
thanks for the update! i really love this book
11/4/2019 c5 1armadas
Mr Cuddly is an icon
11/4/2019 c5 Princessanime21
Wow she is finally getting what she deserves
11/4/2019 c5 8animegamefanatic
isn't that the true mr. bourgeois...there's no way Chloe's gonna get out of this - it's not just what happened with the miracle queen - i'm sure she's gonna be charged with other things too; abusing her dad's power, bullying, and the train incident lets not forget that and a whole bunch of other crap i'm SURPRISED he's gotten away with for so long.
11/3/2019 c5 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! A new update!

11/3/2019 c5 164RockSunner
"I was akumatized" is a decent defense, as long as nobody caught her on camera leaping for another akuma. It's Ladybug and Chat Noir's word against hers, otherwise.
11/3/2019 c5 500yellow 14
I'm pretty sure she would know what a Miraculous is.

Yep, Audrey is a first class bitch. Keep updating
11/2/2019 c4 1armadas
This chapter was written beautifully3
11/2/2019 c4 8animegamefanatic
sabrina your free now you can meet new friends the others are more than willing to forgive and welcome you
11/2/2019 c4 8GirlPower54
Wow, a backstory! It's an intriguing idea for the backstory and I rlly feel bad for Sabrina. Excited to see the next chapter!
11/2/2019 c4 StarBun29
great story! chloe really needs to learn
11/2/2019 c4 500yellow 14
Brake, not break. (Unless you hit the car against things and stop it working to get it to stop;D) Interesting background, keep updating
11/2/2019 c4 164RockSunner
I like Sabrina's backstory and look forward to more.
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