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1/16 c23 4Nighthawk6595
Although Akagi and Kaga were a bit skeptical about the concept of bringing Amagi back with the Siren's help, they still are going through with it. But also not wanting to harm Akashi after when Shokaku and Zuikaku return with her. As for Iron Blood, they see this infighting between the Crimson Axis and Azur Lane as a step forward to defeating the Sirens.

But back to the allies, apparently Belfast and Hood arranged a lunch for Enterprise and the Master Chief. Well, suffice to say from what Bel had planned was Operation Royal Match, pair up Lady Enterprise with the Master Chief.

Enty is definitely planning her vengeance on those two.
1/15 c20 Nighthawk6595
Whoa, it seems that the fight have unloaded the truth behind Enterprise and Hornet's strained relationship. Yorktown in a coma and Wasp was sunk and made Enty sink to the lowest depths where she practically goes on suicide missions before realizing that she's the pillar of morale.

Hornet unloaded everything on Enty with the Grey Ghost doing the same. It almost seemed like John's plan was a success.
1/13 c23 3It is ON
as fun as this shipping is, can it be done later. really want to see more action
1/13 c23 Netritias
The interactions between the chief and enterprise are so boring man though, I suppose the fact that enterprise is the most boring shipgirl doesn't help... hopefully in the coming chapters with the others taking centre stage again things will liven back up and can we maybe see more of the UNSC girls, despite them being major game changers in the war we have barely seen them. I understand you've gimped them with the fuel thing so as to not curbstomp most of the battles but it feels like you've barely used them even in downtime moments.
1/13 c23 freddy.lane.1
ahh, shippers. They would do anything to get their pairing rolling
1/13 c23 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
1/13 c23 Guest
1/13 c23 FGOrider23
1/13 c23 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
1/13 c23 LoneRider-09
Little do they all know their impending doom is arriving soon.
1/9 c22 devildogg237
Ah there’s the “UNSC” ship is suddenly on the bad side with no limitations in comparison to the good guys. Was original till now.
1/6 c22 col. reader
Okay, that is just a whole new level of selfishness right there, I just hope that the blue team will retrieve Amagi quickly and slapped it into Akagi that all of her work were just for nothing but making more mess and contributing for the Sirens to gain an upper hand. I just want to see her guilty.

Putting aside, glad this is back, I hope more chapters will be uploaded quickly. Actually, I suggest an upload schedule in which you focus first on completing a specific scenario (example with the complete coverage of the whole retrieval op with the trio here) of a fic before moving on either to another scene or a different story. That way, it will avoid unnecessary cliffhangers for us to wait as we have a complete resolution with it and might actually clear up your mind to create another idea.
1/6 c22 j.roman.ram
Bro, this episode gave me flood PTSD :v
1/6 c22 To Zone-Meister
Dude. What I said actually happened in real life. Google Yuka Takaoka and her case.

And yes, there's an actual freaking fanbase over this nutcase instead of support for the victim who was in critical condition in the hospital.
1/6 c1 memoryofvirtual
So who is ship that Akagi and Overseer salvage? Is it Leviathan, Dakota, (forgot the name of th ship that nuke the planet-Winter Contingency or Forward Untto Dawn?
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