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for Nightmare's Child

5/25 c1 Emylee Montano
More please
10/16/2020 c1 3Simon D. Uzumaki
Eh,it feels rushed and far to short to actually open with a story. Now with that said I like the idea of the story i actually haven't seen it before however to short and rushed. If you try again I would support you in it my friend cheers.
6/11/2020 c1 ShannTheMann256
please update
1/15/2020 c1 saraloche98
You to continue
11/2/2019 c1 jon12231223
may I have some more, please
10/25/2019 c1 lunarknight199
pkease write more cjapters i wanna read what happena next
10/21/2019 c1 TimeBlade
It’s okay, could be better, and maybe you shouldn’t have stopped at such a random point, and maybe a few commas (I have no idea if I spelled that right) could help.
10/21/2019 c1 Qul
Nice start i look forward to the next chapter
10/19/2019 c1 James Birdsong
Nifty. Good start
10/19/2019 c1 DonPJuan
I like the way this fic is going so far, keep up the great work. I do have a question though, are you going to work on this fic to the point where the Mane 6 will discover Nightmare Moon is gone and go looking for her to discover what she is up to and cause a scene in the wizarding world?
10/19/2019 c1 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. I can't wait to see what happens next update soon

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