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10/11/2020 c6 Guest
Absolutely fucking retarded
10/1/2020 c9 CILinkz
How about sneaking up on salem and cuff her with magic inhibitors and then toss her into a dark hole forever. Problem solved. War with atlas sounds fun though.
9/20/2020 c9 silkr0ad
Good, good, this is good!

Idly browsing the crossovers section of Youjo Senki, I didn't truly expect to find anything new and interesting, let alone this gem, but it today is a lucky day.

Will you keep writing, or is it dead? Please tell me you'll continue this. It's wonderful!
7/3/2020 c9 Suzululu4moe
I kinda wish for Tyrian to be so beaten into submission that he’ll want tanya as his new mistress .
6/24/2020 c9 10shuujin.takagi
Interesante fic, espero que puedas actualizar pronto
6/10/2020 c9 The Rupture
Keep it up.
6/9/2020 c9 4saashi samy
very interesting story

i like
6/6/2020 c9 NightmareKnight1
This is actually really well written. I enjoy how well you're sticking to Tanya's character from what little I've seen of it in the anime, and even expanding upon it if that little bit about her possibly accepting blame upon herself for the failure at Salem's citadel is anything to go by.

So few stories from Tanya the Evil, and that's a shame. Here's hoping you keep up the good work going forward.
6/1/2020 c9 Shin
Well...I think I see where Iron-idiot is going...and the last person he wants to make an enemy of is Tanya, it's not exactly a good idea but he's hellbent on his ideals and may wind up pushing the Empire right into Salem's waiting arms and quite frankly I don't know how well Atlas' military might would stack up against the Emprie's considering the mages they have which in a world where magic is far more limited and thus unknown to Ironwood, it could cause some REAL issues..seriously it would be like if aerial mages suddenly showed up in our world..yeah every country has jets and heat seeking missiles but I'm pretty sure there are spells the mages could use to counter that and hitting a human sized target moving at the speeds mages can move at in the air is not exactly easy, plus they have defensive barriers for stuff like that, which could make it even harder. Dust might be a slight game changer but Ironwood is vastly overestimating his own military vs the Empire and what they can bring to the field. We've seen in canon how far Ironwood is willing to go but if he thinks he could handle Salem AND the Empire at the same time...he's a bigger fool than Ozpin's crew thought and it seems like Ozpin is already rightly concerned he may push the Empire over to Salem's side.
5/23/2020 c9 Jaune
I hate Tyrian.
5/23/2020 c9 Penny
Ironwood seems upset.
5/23/2020 c9 3coronadomontes
5/23/2020 c9 5L4 of the WEST
oh boy... this will end with blood
5/23/2020 c9 16Just an IsekaI writer
Cliff hanger's law... How I hate you...
5/23/2020 c9 1tsun
Lol, thanks for the update. An alliance with the general public is preferable than an alliance with the body snatching snakefriendorochiozpin .

fall out between the general and wannabevillaininglasses is good. Atlas and empire alliance is better in overall combat power and doctrine though both sides would probably tried to one up the other. Better than being led through with honey, covered words.

Tarian her with Tanya and the scorpion guy is not yet a mess on the flooring. She needs some sleep. Capture and torture is preferable than talk but then again, Tarian is a lunatic and worshipped of salem. Hard to crack hererics or zealots.
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