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10/8 c7 23westernbeauty
Can’t wait for the sequel ! Xx
6/8 c7 WolfhoundLove1
Breathtaking chapter. It was quite possible that the little one wouldn't make it. You had me going there. Thanks for the ride!
3/21 c7 1novisha.rivera.1
Awsome sauce needed some happy mushy stuff with the way things are going
We are good here in El Paso TX. Just got my official papers for the property, so Iron Dragon Ranch has a real home.
Not sure if I want to do camels any time soon tho'
Stay safe as possible
2/24 c7 10HonestBee
Okay, this is just one big awwwwww from me!

I love everyone's worry, and especially Parker and the way you portrayed her coping. Sometimes, she just needs to be alone with Santa :)

I'm a little concerned about those tracks you flippantly mentioned, and is there going to be an explanation for little Gem's marking? (I have an interest in horse color genetics, so I did a quick Google search on spotting in camels. Who knew?)
2/24 c7 Bkworm4life4
Loved it! What a perfect name! I think I found the Librarian's hints and look forward to seeing what you do with them in the future! Keep up the good work!
2/24 c7 Westernbeauty
Perfect! Absolutely perfect. Worth the wait. I loved how you played this. And a lovely name xxx
2/8 c6 23westernbeauty
Aaaaaaaah talk about cliffhanger. Can’t wait for more xxx
1/27 c6 10HonestBee
Aaaaa! Nasty cliffhanger!

I have been wanting to read this chapter since I saw it posted and I simply haven't had the time, but it was so worth the wait! Love the flashback to Eliot's time with Moreau and that creepy woman. I think you handled her predatory behavior well, and it rang true. Just enough sliminess.

And the argument on the plane was perfect!

Please don't leave Gertie in labor for too long...
1/14 c5 1novisha.rivera.1
Thank you. Your knowledge and reverence of ancestral customs are much appreciated. Never hurts to enjoy some Leverage and learn a little something. I live near a similar place called Hueco Tanks. Has a great history which hopefully hasn't been totally wrecked by tourists.
Thanks for writing
12/29/2019 c5 10HonestBee
I always figured Parker had repressed maternal instincts...LOVE the image of her with the baby roo!

Also loved the image of Eliot sitting alone in the dark, the sentry standing watch while the family sleeps sound. So very Eliot, and so very Effie to send him off to bed for at least a little while. Sigh.

Loved the history in this chapter also, and Effie's shopping spree! Can't wait for more!
12/29/2019 c4 WolfhoundLove1
It's so nice to see everyone having a carefree day. As always week written. I felt like I was there with them loving the peace even with Eliot on high alert...as usual. Looking forward to more.
12/28/2019 c5 ann.ryce
I knew they would get Myrtle! OMG, riflmao, the trouble Eff gave those people over her appliances was so funny! I really bet they were so glad to see her leave, but Effie got everything she wanted, plus a FREE rotisserie! Can't beat that! That waitress really set Eliot to thinking with those amber eyes. Now he's going to get somewhere! How sweet that Eff made Rliot go take a nap and he actually did it without to much a fuss! Now, Eliot has a name, Hardison knows it, so the stage is set for when Eliot gets taken! I loved the story about the stone, it was absolutely beautiful!
12/24/2019 c3 7She-Elf23
Eek! Sorry it’s taken me forever to review...been super busy this month. Anyways, great chapter! It was neat to see Eliot and Ratbag (oh my word what a name haha) in action. And I can just feel Eliot’s pain with Parker’s request. If that pans out, THAT should get interesting.
12/20/2019 c4 ann.ryce
Parker will get Kevin ready and being an Appaloosa,
he'll be faster than they expect. They are great cow horses! I know Parket and Kevin will win! Seems everyone is just trying to he a PIA for poor Eliot. He says stay together and everyone has/wants to do something on their own! At least Effie came prepared and had "weapons" for Sophie and Hardison (yes, he needed one). Effie being all dressed up shocked everyone, especially Eliot, lol. She does have her pride! Well, it seems Myrtle is coming to Wapanjara to live and work! She does sound perfect actually! Loved this chapter and the newly acquired property for when they go to Alice Springs! I want that place since Wapanjara is taken, lol. I'll share!
12/20/2019 c4 10HonestBee
I absolutely adore mama bear Eliot, as if you didn't already know! Poor guy is gonna give himself an ulcer or twelve if he's not careful, though. And boy, is Effie well prepared! I would think Eliot might approve of her arsenal, legal or not...

Now I really want a bulldozer like that! But first, property to use it on!
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