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for Strangers

10/26/2019 c1 Guest
I’m not even finished and I love it.
10/22/2019 c1 1whymylife
I'm not even in this fandom- I don't even know who these people are- but this was so freaking good. The end, when they had their little moment of understanding, that was so good. Cathartic. Yeah. For a random draft, this was high quality storytelling. Nice job!
10/21/2019 c1 46megSUPERFAN
I... kind of want a chapter two.
I read the summary and my heart started trembling, and oh, the story was amazing. *FEELS* Oh, Bossuet, Cosette, MARIUS, everybody... I think I realized something was up when Valjean noticed the injured leg- Marius never injured his leg. It hurt when Bossuet called for Joly. "More Joly's than mine"- ah, I'm emotional. I could go on, but just know that I loved this story even though I'm glad it never happened. Very well done!
10/20/2019 c1 11civilizedrevolutionary
I thought this was a pretty interesting fic! The idea of Valjean mistaking another man on the barricade for Marius has been written before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for Bossuet, which definitely made me curious. I like how you wrote Cosette, as a bit resentful towards Bossuet and Musichetta for having each other while she’d lost Marius. Having her feelings slowly change to relate to them was a good idea, and I think you portrayed her grief very well and consistently throughout.

In the beginning, I felt describing Valjean’s actions from the sewer to Javert so closely to the book was a bit unnecessary, since we already know what happens there. The pacing with the events following the barricade was a bit fast, but overall it’s well-written.

I think my favorite part of this fic is how Bossuet reacted at the end. Having been so unlucky all his life, being given that cruel twist of fate really was terrible, and you portrayed his bitterness really well while keeping true to his character. Good job on this story!

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