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for Ye Olden Kuoh Story

6/24 c11 Rake1810
I hope Rossweisse is as fun to write as she is to read
6/13 c15 Sypho Dias
This story is awesome! Please update soon! Cant wait for the next chapter!
4/2 c1 Chyllen
Could have made more use of his power hehe making the girls have wet panties as payback
4/1 c2 Chyllen
Oh I agree with Ross being left out even though I think she was easily has one The Best personality and looks
3/18 c1 lucavento
1/27 c15 2Wendel Santana
Continue, pls!
1/24 c15 T-B-R
Dont soundproof lol, corrupt the inocent maidens
1/24 c15 FateBurn
Good chapter like always
1/23 c15 PasiveNox
Yeah great good good
1/23 c15 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
1/16 c5 1Dark White Fang
Okay this story is officially hilarious.
1/16 c14 5Orchamus
This? This right here is fantastic, it's unbelievably rare to find a DxD fic that it's a bit much on either side of the power line when it involves an OC, a pure one I mean, crossovers manage well with the excuse of Differing Power Levels. This sticks to that line line a cur on clothes, and has some REALLY adorable romance to go with it.
1/13 c1 Scandalf
I get that this wasn't supposed to have the most serious plot or anything but just the way he interacted with Rias and co. in the first chapter was more than enough for me to drop this instantly. He had no reason to promise to promise to bake stuff for Koneko, no reason to promise to help Rias with her problem, no reason to let them know he was just an idiot with a hero syndrom who can't help but want to help every cute girl he comes across. And many more things he had no reason to do but still did it anyway because plot required him to do so.

I'm sure there are many things about this fic I'd come to like if I could go on to the 2nd and 3rd chapter but when your 1st chapter alone is enough to annoy the shit outta me, I won't feel any desire to continue reading this.
12/30/2019 c14 T-B-R
Is it a bunny girl outfit?!
12/30/2019 c14 MasterOfDragonsGod
Nice chapter
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