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7/22 c90 3MarvelHPFan
I absolutely adored this chapter and look forward to the wedding chapter!
7/18 c13 ClaireR89
I will admit this is interesting seeing the pre ME1 lives, and the changes but is this just gonna be ME canon with small changes?
7/18 c1 ClaireR89
Terra Luna? Terrible name.

Good start! Heartbreaking first chapter :’(
7/3 c89 MarvelHPFan
6/28 c88 MarvelHPFan
Love this!
6/16 c78 38MWolfe13
Lmao I can’t with this chapter.

At the end, did you mean to have their conversation written like that?
6/15 c88 40Yoruko Rhapsodos
... *hides in my happy place where Shepard managed to save the Batarian colonists, Kai Leng wasn’t ridiculously OP for a ninja in a gun fight & Mordin, Thane & Legion didn’t die.*
6/15 c88 5skyoceanneo
OMG this chapter is incredible, you catch the correct feeling in the limbo, hope and lost brilliantly.
Thank you for this beautiful chapter
6/11 c87 3MarvelHPFan
Loved these two chapters, can't wait for the next one!
6/9 c87 Bhell
I’m so in love with this. I have bawled my eyes out so many times it’s soooo good and so beautiful. This is a story I plan to reread again and again as I love it that much.
5/25 c85 BadassPunkGirl
I love this story, I couldnt stop rereading each chapter. If there is a next chapter then I can't wait.
5/24 c85 MarvelHPFan
Loving this, and I hope to read more soon.
5/20 c85 lhmovedtoireland
Please let her survive and have a future with garrus. Please!
5/20 c85 Arodri
Oh damn the tears! So so good
5/12 c84 lhmovedtoireland
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