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for Harry Wolf, A Fable Among Wizards

4/30 c14 Jostanos
If they thought that their world was turned upside down before.. whoa Nelly they've not seen anything yet!
4/17 c14 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Interesting how this chapter went. I wasn’t expecting for things to be mentioned in the paper at all. I did like that part though.

It’s a bummer that Wendy lost some of her powers even though it makes sense. I rather enjoyed reading about her making others look like fools like she was doing. Did point out a lot of good things as well. I wonder what you have in mind for how things will go with Wendy now.

I feel bad for Ron because of his older brother there but at least Fred and George are on his side. I was wondering when Ron would see the bright side of being in the new house but wasn’t expecting this route. Nice idea.

I do feel sorry for Daphne since she lost what she thought were her friends but I’m glad she’s ready to give being in a new house a chance now. I wonder how things will end up going for her and the others around her.

I wonder how Hermione is going to go about accepting being in a new house with how she likes to now everything she can from books. Though I do wonder why she wasn’t made to think of reading fairy tails to learn things about fables to ask questions about.

I should of expected someone like Lucius Malfoy showing up to complain about the new house. It’s so like him. I wonder where things will end up going from there though.

I’m looking forward to reading what you have in mind for the next chapter. I wonder how things are going to go for everyone.
1/21 c13 19dracohalo117
My my, such improper and unprofessional people the staff of Hogwarts are, I like what you are doing so far, keep up the good work.

1/21 c13 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Well things were interesting in this chapter. I was wondering how much of a headache some of the things would have been. Interesting how this chapter went.

I was surprised Colin ended up being the teacher for the fable class but I did like that he was chosen to be one.

I wonder how long it will be before everyone gets it through there heads that Harry is Harry wolf and not Harry Potter like there intent on thinking he is.

I was actually hoping you would of done something with Harry flying but I guess that’s kind of pointless with there not being enough in his house and there only first years. It’s going to be odd not seeing Harry playing Quidditch. I wonder what you got in mind for him without Quidditch as an option that I can see.

I hope Harry is able to sort things out for Ginny with her and Ron’s mom. Odd how people keep thinking Harry is lying when he’s not. It is funny though.

I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter to see what you got in mind and how things will end up going for everyone. The way things are going has me curious as to what else you got in store that might make things annoying for poor Harry.
1/4 c1 26epic insanity666
I thought this was fable the game no it's the freaking wolf detective game XD
12/28/2020 c10 airistal
Would fable nature have an effect on animagus transformations? If so would it be just adding the talking animal effect to the form, or would it open magical creatures as possible forms.

The possibilities of a wind animagus form seem powerful as many spells need physical contact and travel through air without having any effect on it, allowing a wind animagus to be unfazed by spells like the killing curse when transformed.
12/27/2020 c12 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I was wondering how you were going to do things for the house. I really like how things went in this chapter and I’m looking forward to reading what else you have in mind.

When Harry sent that message to Ginny I feel he should of added another letter with “Ginny read first” on it just to warn her about before sending Hedwig off. I do look forward to finding out about that reaction Ginny and her family as well as any others will have. At least I’m hoping you add something about that in at some point.

Aside from the extra food and snacks they all have I wonder how they’ll end up liking everything they have in there house and maybe rooms as well. I wonder how the others will take what they hear and what might end up happening my later on as well.

I can’t help but wonder how professor Snape will end up acting in this story. I do hope not a complete pain like he was in the book and movie. Or at least more on the fair or neutral side if anything else

I can’t wait to see what you got in mind for how things might go in the next chapter and what else the story has as well. Many interesting things seem to be going on and changing.
12/25/2020 c12 kage88
12/25/2020 c12 airistal
With the title master of death as a possibility, I wonder if Harry or Voldemort might inherit something from Mr. Dark. The possibility of them both getting some signs of Mr. Dark's power and unknowingly fighting for the legacy sound exciting.

Also via blood of the enemy Voldemort might also gain the fable gift. Causing Harry the boy who lived and Voldemort the dark lord of terror to clash on an other level, as their influence on the hearts and minds of others fuel their fable natures.
12/25/2020 c12 19dracohalo117
Ok, I love how Wendy just demolished Dumbledores masterful plan. Also, love how you pointed out Minervas hypocrisy, far too many authors try to tie the connection between family so tightly. Good job so far, loving this story.

12/7/2020 c4 2willam and jack and jake
12/7/2020 c3 willam and jack and jake
very well done
12/7/2020 c2 willam and jack and jake
12/7/2020 c1 willam and jack and jake
well done
11/29/2020 c11 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I enjoyed how things in this chapter went. I’m also glad to see that Harry and Ginny had a nice run in and got to know a bit about each other. I am curious as to how things will go from there and what Harry ends up telling her in letters.

I like how things ended up going between Harry and Ron in this chapter. Not completely what I was expecting but better then what I thought would have happened. I also enjoyed how jane showing up ended up messing with Ron’s head a bit.

I was kinda hoping we would have seen some things about everyone at hogwarts this chapter. I’m eager to see what you got in mind when introductions and house assigning comes up. I’ve been curious about that since the first chapter now. Along with many other things that could happen in this story.

I’m trying to think of what you got in mind for how snipes will end up being in this story. I’ve got a few guesses from I believe last chapter but still to hard to say for sure. I do hope he’s not to much of a pain in this story though.

I’m looking forward to reading what you got in mind for the next chapter. To many guesses but no clue as to what you have in mind for everyone involved. I also wonder how your going to do things with the fable house as well and what everyone ends up thinking in it.

I do hope things are going well for you, your family, and everyone else around you and everyone has been able to stay healthy. I hope for the same to others who read this as well.
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