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for Star Trek Vs Star Wars: The Fall

1/9/2020 c11 Jim
I love your stories. And I know that your clue about a new version does not yet refer to the one everybody thinks it does.

You are a masterful storyteller.
12/26/2019 c11 RedShirt047
The idea that the Founder's disease was the primary factor in ending the war is really a major misconception on the part of the fandom. The tide had already turned and the allied Alpha Quadrant powers were winning conventionally. At best it could be argued that the disease and associated cure allowed the allied forces to end the war without a final battle over Cardassia.

But even then, it could be argued that the final pyrrhic stand the female Founder was going for only happened because she knew she was dying and didn't care about "solids" other than some of the Vorta and wasn't exactly in the best state of mind.

Which thematically is quite fitting, the Section 31 of that era talked of big game but ultimately didn't accomplish much while those that stayed mostly in the light were the ones that actually carried the day.
It's a critique of covert actions and of the Forbidden Fruit bias which makes people believe that actions that are illicit, restricted, or violate some norm are naturally more effective or better than sticking to ones principles.

Now the Prophets interfering and taking care of the 2,800 Gamma Quadrant Reinforcements which appeared to contain a significant number of heavy ships is a much better argument for something that won the war.
Although given the size of the various governments and how many ships they could bring to bear, it's probable that the ships themselves weren't the primary issue but having a direct link between the Dominion and Cardassian territory plus the fact that it would have let them hold onto DS9
And likely would have extended the war by a long time.
12/9/2019 c8 17readerofgoodfanfiction
nothing more dangerous than a person blind ambition, because it gets people killed
11/24/2019 c5 Guest
What would happen if you put midi clorians into the spore drive
11/24/2019 c5 Guest
I wonder what would happen if you put mytocondrans in the the spore drive
11/2/2019 c3 RedShirt047
Well, this is going to be interesting.

Also, I'm going to weigh in on the comment about that certain fic

That fic was utter crap anyway that completely misrepresented both franchises in favor of w*nking one and was written by a total hack that uses his degree as a shield from criticism while at the same time using math with nonsense figures that only another STEM major could pick out to "prove" his points (1) while at the same time denying what happens on screen for both franchises (2). His site hosts some of the most toxic people you will ever meet and ones that have taken what was once a friendly debate into real world harassment in the past and into territories that I dare not post about lest an administrator flag this post.

From a story telling standpoint, everyone was out of character and the plot points were nonsense.
It's even more egregious as he's close friends with Curtis Saxton (who was a frequent user of that writer's site)
The guy that made up a bunch of those BS figures for the cross sections that the writer in question loves to use on his site.

So yeah, tear into that pile of crap as hard as you can. The only thing that it's good for is that it makes the writing in Last Jedi and Into Darkness look like f*cking masterpieces.

(1) As an engineer myself, the level of dishonesty in his work disgusts me. It's a violation of the Engineer's Code of Ethics that we're all supposed to follow. It gets worse if you have any background in astronomy too as then a lot of blatant massaging of the figures is readily apparent.
(2) He will deny the basic facts of a scene (off the top of my head, he tried to claim that Captain Tracy used the Laser Cannon from The Cage rather than his hand phaser to defend a village. Even though it's explicitly stated that it was the phaser) and use either his own insane theories or some semi-obscure supplementary material over it even when it creates more plot issues

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