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for Normality in Reverence

8/6 c7 BlakeLacidPlue
New friend get! Also, there should probably be a line break before before the paragraph Yoshiko wakes up, but iunno if ff had that functionality.
8/6 c7 DapperSquidMan
This chapter was really interesting and I’m looking forward to the next one! I can’t wait to see how Yoshiko will feel about Honoka after this.
8/6 c7 zeldagamer832
Yooo that chapter was so good I honestly can’t wait for more especially because of honoka and Mali’s situation but aswell as the developing friendship with yoshiko
7/10 c6 LakePlacidBlue
Almost thought it’d be Umi she’d bump into for som reason. But I guess with two throughlines going on at the moment, there’s no need to stack a third. Honoka’s got enough to stress about.
7/9 c6 DapperSquidMan
AHHHHHH COME ON! I really wanted to know what happened to Yoshiko. Anyways, you’re doing a great job so far. I can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/3 c5 zeldagamer832
chapter was amazing
5/25 c5 CandyAppleShred
lol Yoshiko you dork
5/24 c5 1jonDarkGhost
Welcome back but Yes Yoshiko! I love her so much too bad she couldn't be a romance option like Maki, make it a 3 way lol like GuuRinPa. Anyway excellent chapter can't wait for more!
5/23 c1 zeldagamer832
I hope you haven’t forgotten about this story I know you’re busy but I hope you’ll eventually have the time to finish the story I loved the 4 chapters so far
3/15 c4 Zizbird
Very well written.
2/9 c4 5Dobromir
I really love how strong the friendship between Eli and Honoka is here. Usually the authors are not concerned with this topic at all, although for Eli, Honoka is the second intimate person after to Nozomi in the µ's.

Shy Honoka is something surprising, although it perfectly matches the plot.

I just wonder who's are this enemies, that Ginger will meet on her way.

Ah, and I would forget. Earlier I thought Umi was one of the people who had Honoka as a freak. Now it turns out that they do not know each other at all. I wonder what their relationship will be like.

Good Luck.
1/2 c3 1Langas
Great chapter. It is good to see this version of Nico
12/30/2019 c3 59KageNoYoko
I don't think that I can put this into enough words, but OMG YES! Super-supportive Nico-chan is way better than a lot of the interpretations of Nico that some people use where she's so selfish and in some cases mean.

I need more supportive Nico-chan helping build Honoka's confidence! This is so amazing!
12/26/2019 c2 A
Oh my god!~
Thank you for the update, it makes me happy to see this story again~
I'm truly interested in the way the things will develop form here, but seeing Maki's reaction it doesn't seem like she realize that Honoka was her saviour~

Thanks again for updating this one and take care~
12/25/2019 c2 Guest
really liking your story,its nice to see a honoka with faults and insecurities beyond the usual ones portayed in the manga and anime. eager for more!
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