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1/17 c52 7SandyDunes
This chapter is more than I could ask for, the unveiling of Alice's work is done admirably
1/16 c31 SandyDunes
I just realized I'm halfway through your story, and I wish I weren't I don't know where this would lead to, all I want to say is that this is my favorite of all your stories. I'm invested in a way I never thought I would be, how you handle prejudices and women's role in a patriarchal society with clarity makes me feel so grounded. Sometimes, I get confused that women aren't strong when they fight against perceived gender roles, but when women find strength in their femininity, too. I borrowed strength from your story just today, in a life where you're constantly undermined. It gave me a ground to stand where these things are not weaknesses at all. Being a woman is a strength all on its own. So thank you.
1/4 c51 2Becka-ah
Ok, I feel the need to share that I read the whole last peace of this chapter in Ryan Bergara’s voice. I am 100% certain that Dir Sirene would have an episode in buzzfeed unsolved. I just know.
12/7/2021 c62 RandomWeirdo
Amazing story! Love how you give the story time, years for characters to grow. The Siren was great, exciting and romantic.
11/18/2021 c1 4Anime Aikouka
If you're here trying to figure out if you should read it: do.
10/11/2021 c62 2hpfan1987
I love this story, your stories are so well thought out, seriously, congratulations and well done! Alice is a wonderful character, honestly like a fresh breath of air, I so wish she was a real Marvel character!
10/4/2021 c62 tacomako
First, I love it. I just binge read this story in like three days.

Second, holy shit. You put so much time and effort into this, including excerpts from articles and blog posts THAT YOU WROTE and historically based and I’m just in awe. And how you portrayed Alice and her role in the war. The internal conflict and the hard choices that she faced were so well done I can’t find the words for it right now.

Third, I do love how you wrote your story to fit so seamlessly into the movies without just retyping the plot of the movie. You used the knowledge that we already had and filled in the gaps that needed to be filled for your AU. I really appreciated how you fixed the resolution of Endgame. You didn’t have Steve go back and live out a post war dream life with his sweetheart and just turn her into a romantic subplot and seemingly ignore who she was and what she did.

Fourth, how you reunited Alice and Steve. It was so creative and carefully done I just- I just love it.
In the end, it was a beautifully written story that made me laugh and cry and honestly is a 10/10 would read again.
10/2/2021 c62 6DanaFruit
I blew through this in around 3 daysit was almost impossible to put it down to go to work. Alice and Steve's characterization and love story, combined with the enthralling espionage plot was a true joy to read. Thank you for the story.
8/30/2021 c62 5pandora1232
I'll admit. The second time reading this was much better than the first. I cried. Both in happiness and in sadness. Thank you. Your writing is beautiful and this is a fantastic story.

I fell in love a second time. I might also forced my best friend to read it too. Maybe. Although she loves it too.

I cant believe that you were able to write this masterpiece, researching it for historical accuracy as much as is possible while adding HYDRA and such into it.
8/29/2021 c36 pandora1232
I'm rereading this, knowing I wanted to the first time I read it, and it makes a lot more sense this time around. I can also see a lot of foreshadowing, now that I know what to look for. fantastic story, im falling in love all over again.
8/26/2021 c62 harryparry
I don’t know if this is complete but this was such a beautiful, riveting piece of writing. I could not stop reading! I love how you wove in articles and letters into the actual story. Love what you did with all the characters. It was like growing up along side them!
8/26/2021 c62 ZoeMurray
First of all congratulations on finishing this great fanfiction. I loved reading it. I laughed and cried in the process of reading it. I just want to say you did a great job .
8/6/2021 c62 5Overtheclouds
I think you should be very very proud of yourself, this story is absolutly brilliant !
Change the context a bit and you have a magnificent original book !
Thank you for sharing your talent !
8/4/2021 c62 Maryana
if you are still reading the reviews here this is my 3rd read of this story and i still continue to love it and i have a request. Can we get another captain america/oc story please after you finish the current wyvern AU.
I want to say request for a new OC cos i almost dont want to disturb the story you have woven for Alice Moser. Its perfect and shouldnt be disturbed at all!
But i do want to read another captain america love story. So possibly with a new oc? Please please pretty please!
6/8/2021 c62 3Another binge reader
I actually missed three stops of my bus, because I was reading this and didn’t realise. So I had to walk 20 minutes, thanks for that XD
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