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15h c8 MotherMynx
loved this chapter! I was actually having a hard time holding back my laughter so I wouldnt wake up my son. You did a great job giving the pokemon a voice. well done!
16h c6 MotherMynx
particularly good chapter!
11/19 c86 sanguine
Was reading this and was like, "Huh, bisharp." And then I remembered. The guy back in Pewter City. Yeeshhhhh
11/18 c87 foxlore
Team Rocket, masters of redirection - stirring up trouble in the City while they get to their true target in the caves, huh. All the chapters worth of build-up... I can't wait to see what will happen next -
11/9 c4 Guest
This story is just too dark for pokemon.
11/2 c87 96KaliAnn
I do enjoy how passionate Ash/Aaron is, but he needs to look before he leaps a bit more often.
11/2 c87 Speed Reader
Excellent chapter, Ash/Aaron's recklessness/courage is on full display here, and I'm curious to see how you're going to make this city invasion different from Saffron.
11/1 c87 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
11/1 c87 1buterflypuss
good chap
11/1 c87 12Cyan Quartz
Let me tell you something, the effort was worth it. What a one liner! Daisy was already one of my favorite of your characters, and this just felt soooo satisfying.

Heyo! Missed ya cuz. Great chapter as always. I had a bit of a laugh at the fight already started when the gang gets off the bus. You're really good at writing all sorts of different engagements and such. And damn, was there some cool action here. I wasn't expecting Ash's Aura to pop off like that in this fight, but I was really happy to see it. I thought it would just be references for now.

And you know, writing the Aura the way you did... It does kind of lend credence to all the crazy stuff Canon Ash did/survived. I'll never forget that moment with Gligar when Ash repeatedly struck metal to teach Gligar a move in a hopeless situation... Well, the teaching was kinda incidental, it was more about saving their lives. But it was awesome.
11/1 c87 1AlphaShenron
I can't wait to see how Brock and Misty react when the 'Mon is let out of the ball on what Ash is truly speaking.
11/1 c87 RKF22
9/13 c10 induk
what's the use of growing up with wild pokemon in the wild and speaking pokemon if you can't even beat a bitch but get beaten up like a bitch instead. disappointing.
9/8 c86 Speed Reader
Team Rocket just keeps getting bolder and bolder, wonderful chapter, excellent story.
9/2 c86 dewfew
Your detailing and character building is incredible. I love how Giovanni acts as an approachable exec of Team Rocket, cunning gym leader, and merciless killer of his enemies all at the same time and you’ve really made him stand out in this story by not making him the same copy paste Giovanni that a lot of other stories have. Good job, looking forwards to next chap!
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