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9/6 c44 yaabbccd3
i think tomo from safari should join him as his younger brother... or molly from Pokemon movie as his younger sister (adopted)
9/5 c24 yaabbccd3
i really like this story... it's awesome
9/4 c11 yaabbccd3
i like gary here... he's arrogant but smart and caring when needed.
9/4 c71 3Greatazuredragon
Nice chapter, thanks for the update.
9/4 c71 Kiri TheFrenchReader
i just want to say... your story is incredible ! In any case the construction of the world and the characters are so human. That's wonderful. But I think that in Ash's place I would have a hard time containing the secret of his past to Brook and Misty. Talking relieves a lot of pain.
I just want to see when Ash will reveals her true identity to Brook and Misty and maybe use more his aura ability but maybe later ?
9/4 c5 yaabbccd3
for maths I can relate... sympathies for ash
9/2 c26 Kiri TheFrenchReader
9/2 c71 1n0mster
Welcome back and see you at the end of the month, haha. Anyway, looks like the trainers at the top have some suspicion as to the leaks, and surprisingly (and pleasantly so) Misty's sisters appear to be onto Giovanni. Now I'm curious as to whether did these suspicions come about on their own or did someone else tip them off.
9/1 c71 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/1 c71 mudkipknight
Looks like Daisy might have an idea about what Giovanni is up to.
9/1 c71 1jerylazaro
Finished today, one of he best stories for sure
9/1 c71 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
good to see what the rest of the cast is doing to recover from all of this
9/1 c71 86KaliAnn
I enjoyed this a lot.
8/28 c70 A Nameless Reader
Finally caught up, thanks so much for the story!

I won’t lie, I didn’t quite believe you at first when you said this story was going to be lighter than the first draft. Many of the surface level issues seemed lighter, but the world underneath seemed even more grim. That being said, I think the Saffron City arc alone truly showed some of the key differences between the stories. It felt very well paced, managing to really capture the frantic energy of the battle while still not going too fast or slow enough to lose me. On a personal note, while I’m sad to not get to see walking cemetery Agatha, Karen was a delight to read!

I’d also like to compliment your worldbuilding. The set up expands on baseline Pokemon, especially based on older concepts from Gen 1, but it also stays consistent in a way that most “rewrites” or expansions of worlds don’t. There’s also this wonderful tension between the idealistic vs grim part of the setting, in that it’s very much a world built upon the core conceit that friendship and self-discovery and exploration are key, personal parts off any person’s life, and the world is beautiful and incredible, but at the same time that sense of wonder is contrasted against the very brutal reality of the Pokemon, and the feuds between different people and groups, resulting, as an example, in a world where friendship and wonder is used to wage large scale terror campaigns for political revolution. It’s an interesting bit of drama!

There are critiques to be had, sometimes the dialogue is a bit off or details seem a bit inconsequential for the scene, but on the whole well done! Congrats on writing so much and so well and enjoy your rest!
8/24 c60 112VampireApple
What an intense chapter! Looks like Leaf and Ash will be encountering some Rocket members. I'd never really thought about the logistics of healing a pokemone while in active battle, so that was pretty interesting to read. Brock is so cool!
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