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for If These Walls Could Talk

5/24 c1 151HoshisamaValmor
The idea of this story is amazing, and although I personally find the writing to be intricate and particularly demanding of attetion to be fully appreciated, I think even that fits the concept. This is great
3/27 c4 5jl4223
Wow. Just... wow.
3/19 c4 2TheSuperMario
If it's one thing that is really saddening over this is how Castlevania feels that where Lisa was taking the various science tools that are actually a part of it to save lives with the repayment as being burned alive by humans. The room bit was also tear jerking as it's a reflection to how Dracula wants to have nothing that reminds him of Lisa and Alucard get in the way of his rage as where the castle doesn't want to forget what those two have done for his master, the connection becomes severed.
3/19 c1 5jl4223
OMG what an incredible chapter.
"At the end of every day they want him to be sung to sleep by the symphony of the night." BRILLIANT.

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