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for Kars: The Divine Devil

2/16/2021 c3 Guest
Wow this shite look up mr grimjaw for gud sotry
2/14/2021 c1 1OriChar
rip Santana, he was forgotten
2/5/2021 c2 Person
Please Dm me at RiasXIssei#4454
1/13/2020 c2 Ultimate Kars
wish this was longer also can Kars be a Villian and win.
12/30/2019 c2 25The Baz
Is there any specific reason it’s written like a screen play?
11/16/2019 c1 10REDthunderBOAR
I'm keeping an eye on this.
10/30/2019 c1 Joji Joestar
10/28/2019 c1 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Hmm, this actually might be neat, Kars is a character with a lot more potential for depth when you think about it, he’s older then human civilization as we understand it, he’s dedicated his entire life in the pursuit of perfection, of being the ultimate life-form, even going as far as killing every other member of his species (save three others) including his own family to do so, but unlike other villains who had similar goals, that status as the ultimate life form was never something he intended to hoard, he fully intended to also give it Wamuu and AC/DC (yes I know how the show spells it but using that spelling is basically the same as using the off-brand name they gave stands to avoid copyright, it’d be like referring to Kira’s stand as Deadly Queen, or Bruno’s as Zipper-Man, I’m not doing it), also he had a level of respect for his allies and enemies you just don’t see in most of JoJo‘s main-villains, he respect Wamuu’s code of honor despite disagreeing with it, his drive to win was made even greater out of his desire to honor ACDC’s death, he abstained from planting his own ring in Joseph because he didn’t want to intrude on something he felt belonged to AC/DC and Wamuu, he defended Wamuu’s honor when the vampires under him insulted him, he avoided needless death whenever possible, not just of humans but of all life, as he seemed to think of it as distasteful (that’s kinda my head canon to explain scene’s like the one where he pinballed himself off the wall of a canyon just to avoid harming some flowers, or when he killed the drunk drivers for running over a dog, or why he had to justify killing the kid from the Hamon tribe in his flashback with Wamuu), he offered Lisa-Lisa a quick death as he didn’t want to cause her unnecessary pain (a little arrogent to assume he couldn’t lose but given the situation you could see his logic), and while he did go a little crazy when he first became the Ultimate Lifeform, well the guy did finally attain the goal he’d been chasing for the past couple millennia, and I’d imagine the sensation of becoming a truly immortal shapeshifter, especially after it seemed so likely that he might have failed and everything he sacrificed (which was literally everything for him), well I’d imagine all that would be a bit of a rush. I actually wouldn’t have minded something along the lines of a short story about Kars after he’d transformed just sitting down and thinking things over, he had what he wanted, he’d finally conquered the sun, but now he had nothing more to gain, and no one to share in his victory, so what now? In a way his ultimate fate in canon might have been a blessing in disguise, as he “died” when he was at his highest point and before the reality the situation could really set in.

I also think having the first devil he meets being Sirzechs was a good idea. Since for one thing, while Kars is likely the hardest to kill character in the entire Jojo Canon (only surpassed by Giorno after he gets his requiem and possibly Over Heaven Dio, and possibly Jorge Joestar if your taking any of the Jojo novels into consideration), he’s far from the strongest and there are probably a fair number of being’s in DxD who could take him apart in a fight, and of them, Sirzechs, with his power of destruction, is likely one of the few who could truly kill him, showing him that even in his current state, he’s not at the top of the pyramid. It just seems like Sirzechs of all people would have the most profound effect on Kars, especially as an introduction to the world of the supernatural (even if we assume Kars knew about stands, I’d imagine the existence of Gods, Demons, and everything in between would still shock him) And showing that there are any number of people who could theoretically reach the level of people like Sirzechs (even humans with the right training or sacred gear) might be a serious revelation for Kars, as while I do believe he had a level of respect for all life, he did always see himself as superior to most things in a way. Either way I’m excited to see where you go with this. Part of me is hoping he gets paired up with someone, maybe Serafall, a Jojo character (especially one from the early days where the all the characters were designed like Greek gods on steroids) paired with a magical girl, I can only see hilarity resulting from this combination.
10/28/2019 c1 lmilai
Is there will be a stand user in this story?
10/25/2019 c1 25The Baz
Dear god, of all bad guys in Jojo you choose Kars. Okay I’ll see where this goes

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