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8/8 c26 FeliciaMartinez
Margot is a Queer Queen, I love her!
8/7 c1 FeliciaMartinez
Hannibal, Will and Krissy are in a Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup vibe in this chapter, I love it. I really love the dynamics of this trio. I feel bad for Jack, he's been blind for a long time to Hannibal's intentions, but he's really running after his mistakes to save Krissy.
8/7 c26 BrittStar1199
It's getting too intense and now that Jack knows about Hannibal's true nature it now puts Krissy in a compromising position where she'll have to choose between her father and her lover. I am not ready for what's to come
8/7 c26 2acetwolf94
8/7 c26 sleepinglionzz32
another great chapter!glad to hear your doing great. can't wait for the next update
8/7 c26 sleepinglionzz32
another great chapter!glad to hear your doing great. can't wait for the next update
7/9 c25 BrittStar1199
I swear if somebody interrupts them one more time I'm gonna lose my shit! It's getting crazier by the minute
7/9 c25 acetwolf94
7/8 c25 sleepinglionzz32
just read your authors note after digesting this chapter. Hope your recovering and doing well <3 Throwing Margot onto the mix is really exciting. was cheering for will but I'm more on Hannibal side now and really interested to see more interactions between Krissy and Margot.
7/8 c25 FeliciaMartinez
Hello! I love you work, I'm happy for the update, I really like your story a lot, I think you capture the essence of the characters very well. I loved Margot's arrival in the fanfic, I imagined her feeling a passion and an identification for Krissy. Talking about Krissy, I think she is a very interesting character to follow, I started reading Potential For More before watching the first episode of the series Hannibal, now that I have finished watching all the episodes the void in my heart left by this show is being filled by your fanfic, I'm always coming if there's a new update 3. I heard you got COVID, I hope you are better and that everything is fine for you, kisses and see you later
7/8 c25 sleepinglionzz32
yeeesss! been waiting patiently for the next chapter
5/17 c24 BrittStar1199
I loved this chapter! I also loved the growing relationship between Krissy and Hannibal. I wasn't surprised that their almost-sex scene was interrupted, but I was a little upset LOL. Jack is catching on but unfortunately it's too late. He should've noticed when Krissy warned him
5/16 c24 sleepinglionzz32
I've been rereading the whole story for a while now and completely lost it as soon as you uploaded another chapter! love, love, love this story. can't wait for the next chapter
4/13 c23 Kathy Perez
Awesome please continue I love it
4/11 c23 acetwolf94
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