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for The Ghost of Jack Delance

1/17 c17 15angelicalkiss
love your work! just now finishing it off but it was still a good ending! thanks!
1/11 c17 6drogorath
Well written stuff
1/11 c17 drogorath
I think the ghost thing was a fine touch.
12/26/2019 c17 36Aurora Mandeville
This was pretty good! And disregard the CW series, your telling of the ghost was done so much better than what they did, like, 100 times better. That is the type of ghost involvement that I like, and prefer, it comes off so much more natural.
And congrats on publishing your series on Amazon! I can't wait to check them out! And I can't wait to see what other fanfic ideas you've got. XD Hope you had a very merry Christmas and that the new year will bring a great many blessings for you and yours!
12/26/2019 c14 Aurora Mandeville
Hmm . . . I'm thinking I might right about Jack. In which case, cool. I like that. XD
12/26/2019 c13 Aurora Mandeville
Hmm . . . Jack had pretty good timing. And I'm curious to what they find out about Jack DeLance's grave.
12/26/2019 c12 Aurora Mandeville
oh, but the lures of a cliffhanger are such fun! lol, and this was a good one. XD
12/26/2019 c9 Aurora Mandeville
Real quick, it should be what not why. (Nancy tapped her chin a few times thoughtfully. "Why if . . .) It threw me off the first time I read it, lol.
12/26/2019 c7 Aurora Mandeville
lol, that trap was a little too obvious to me. In other news, Ned, time to put on your "Nancy's in danger" radar. ;P
12/26/2019 c6 Aurora Mandeville
Nice little hints there, making me curious as to what's going on between Eliot and Norden.
12/26/2019 c3 Aurora Mandeville
I just wanted to add this right here, it's so refreshing to see someone who truly believes in ghosts but knows that not all "ghost sightings" are the real deal. I'm tired of the trope of "I believe in ghosts, therefore, everything that's happening is done by a ghost!" type of person, and then there's the complete opposite, "there's no such thing as ghosts, at all! Stop being so medieval!" Nancy is, unfortunately, dumped by many people into the latter, when she could just as easily be like the Norden, she believes in ghosts but knows that not all sightings are actually from ghosts. It really wasn't stated in the books what her belief concerning ghosts were, but that she did notice something seemed particularly off about this particular "haunting" and immediately attributed it to a person playing tricks rather than an actual ghost. It makes me wonder if she went through a ghost story phase in her youth and read up everything she could find, and becomes enough of an expert on it that she knows right off the bat whether it's a real ghost or not.
hmm . . . . that's not a bad idea, lol. ;P
12/20/2019 c17 Rose12
Great ending to a very intriguing story! That last paragraph was so very "Nancy." You should be proud of yourself to have completed it. I'll be looking forward to more of your stories, until next time! Thank you.
12/13/2019 c15 6drogorath
SPzaG error.
You can drop the of him from Hadley's statement to the police.
12/13/2019 c14 drogorath
Eliot will probably off Norden soon.
12/13/2019 c13 drogorath
I think theboy is the actual Jack Delance and that you'll reveal it in the end..
The writing's swell
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