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for A Premonition of Drift-Design

10/28/2019 c2 92feathered moon wings
Adrift IS the right word for this chapter. I like that. I did get that feeling that Tim was just sort of existing through, that he HAD to get up and go to work just so he would fade away. Speaking of fading, how much do you know about Tolkien's/Lord of the Rings elves?

Tim is very absent minded here, and it's interesting to think on how Bruce is currently perceiving him and being very concerned of this young man who's currently just floating around and wow that got serious fast because Tim got to 2 house hold support to none in the span of a few days. Which does bring the question of, is Dick his ward/son in this universe? In theory Jason wouldn't be because Bruce would've never been out as batman that night. Aso Damian wouldn't exist because he never would've got to know Talia.

My jam is Bruce subtly (but not really) making ways of getting Tim to eat. Lovely chapter, have a very nice day!
10/28/2019 c1 SomeBloke
Okay, so, I really like the story, but I wanted to ask: are you a DCI fan, or is “Caroline Crown” a coincidence?
10/27/2019 c1 feathered moon wings
I saw I had a mail, didn't look like an update and I was like "Hm, what's this?" Then I read story, THEN I read Shirokokuro. And I was like "YES."
I was a bit mystified because I don't follow a lot of authors, so it was a bit of a surprise.

On to the story then! I... really liked what you did with Tim's character. I like this more subdued version of himself that you presented us. Not so sure, more quiet and a bit without a lot of confidence BUT STILL with a lot of talent that he knows he has.
It difedifferent I like it and I can wait for more:D

Also, I really want to know what goes on with Bruce, it makes me wonder a lo because I had to remember he's not Batman in this universe so I'm puzzled by his behaviour. Anyhowww, I'll be seeing you soon hopefully.
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