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17m c22 Misaka Phenex
I dont like the fact half of the chapter is reborn dream but meh thats fine as long as meh
1h c9 Redaer Copious
Rain users tranquility can they also create ice by slowing down water vapor in the air to create liquid then solid state water?
5h c22 1Syqadelic
Oh hey, she's basically Hassan Serenity at this point.
10h c22 2Isaac LB
As I always thank you, Author, you are the one who gives meaning to the inconsistencies of Fictional Works.
12h c22 Mistletainn
Damn, that backstory totally turned Bianchi from being abusive to abused as much as Hayato. Also ShittyDad (that's shittier than Iemitsu) being a thing here fill the gap of why Hayato's mom didn't marry/didn't stay with the man. Despite Hayato was being tolerated (at the worst) by his step mother. Her pregnancy being unintentional (or even involuntary) explained a lot about Hayato's family situation.
14h c22 OrigamiGuyII
best Bianchi explanation ever.
14h c22 Cleaea
Love the Bianchi backstory. Also we forget how badass Reborn is but then something like this happens and we remember he’s a man of monstrous strength and will.

15h c22 2Harvest Adminastrator
Okay this has to be the most sympathetic Bianchi I have ever seen, her situation and difficulties make sense and add depth outside of the fanon mostly ignore the issue.
Also great idea on bringing up the linkages to the Chakras, it is a good way to link the systems of the two worlds together and provides a good explanation for why things are going wrong beyond "just because"
Thanks for sharing this story can't wait for more!
16h c22 Uday Sra
17h c22 2Drago9082
Is Shirou still going to be the Storm Guardian? Or has that changed?
18h c22 Fate series fan
Nice chapter although the flashback or whatever that is was almost seeing from other point of view is not quite interesting but still tell what have happen with goukdera family though.

And seriously still going with the magical girl only that to let Illya didn't know about the mafia or something, I mean she bound to findout sooner or later though even with all thing that her family tell her was magical I don't quite see that how that even gun or maybe Dino groon(in the future chapter) is magical. Not that I don't like magical but since Taiga is or was a Yakuza princess and Natsumi the future mafia Donna or not, how to... you know what never mind what I say just forget it.

I want to see that how the other guardian meet Natsumi first before I can think of a few possible idea that they will bond with her. Since you posted haru may became her possible lighting guardian, I think that maybe she has saw both Natsumi ability and Shirou mage graft then she will just follow Natsumi to learn more about it. And I-pin is a possible sun guardian, I will have to think about it first but maybe in your next or few more chapter before I can real sure about the possible route that how I-pin bond with Natsumi.

And all the best and good luck on your story.
18h c22 skeleton806
Hm... Will there be a heart-to-heart between Shiro and Bianchi where he will compare her situation to someone he once knew, Assassin of Serenity?
19h c1 Rodrigus
Hello, I am rereading the story to refresh my memory and I noticed that in the first chapter Reborn mentions Xanxus, you may want to edit it since you later decided that he would be female and named Xana. Anyway, thanks for writing this.
19h c22 StoryReiter
Considering Magi are experts and BS literally reality bending self deslusions or hypnosis, this might actually be right up Shirou's alley. Also considering his "disortion", this is going to be something to look forward to as the parallels between Bianchi and him and SAKURA. Yeesh. Models dads and husbands all around. Kirtsugu and Irisveil from Fate Zero actually LOOKS FUNCTIONAL and loving in comparison. At least they love and support each other. Also Nana and Tsunas family. oh wow. This is... The mafia may as well be as clusterfuck as magi barring a FEW exceptions. Lets throw a retired Ally of Justice and see where this goes? Not to mention the ring battle. Lots and lots to look forward to. Thank you for taking your time. Take care and God bless author. Have a good day.
19h c22 CAD270895
more please
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