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10/12 c24 2PoofyOhio
Big fucking oof for poor shirou. Poor guy was essentially a magically powered version of my grandpa if someone talks about Vietnam around him.
10/8 c29 Raging Drake
I mean they are kinda friends(?) so they wouldn’t just abandon him,but it’s also not required for him to join…
10/8 c24 Raging Drake
Poor shirou
10/8 c22 Raging Drake
She reminds me of serenity in fgo but deadlier
10/8 c20 Raging Drake
Can shirou teach magecraft to Illya or at least imitate it to have her regular magical hair birds,maybe ice birds?
10/8 c19 Raging Drake
Omg! I forgot about taiga’s insane luck stat! Taiga! Control that blush! Maybe shirou’s Harem Protagonist EX skill is reactivating
10/8 c18 Raging Drake
Very wholesome
10/8 c16 Raging Drake
Wait…Taiga’s here too?! I mean she was part of the yakuza so that would make some sense.
Also,Is this what the flower in shirou’s should doing? She’s dreaming of shirou’s memories like a dream cycle for a servant?
10/8 c14 Raging Drake
They’re underestimating shirou! Yay!
10/8 c12 Raging Drake
I can just imagine illya’s (maybe) regretful thoughts on a first kiss that isn’t her “onii-Chan”
10/8 c10 Raging Drake
I wonder what that did to shirou’s soul/reality marble
10/8 c10 Raging Drake
Oh timoteo cant influence her now
10/8 c8 Raging Drake
Welcome to karma cafe ,There’s no menus and you’ll get served what you deserve
10/8 c6 Raging Drake
Makes sense that shirou wouldn’t be able to hide things from his family,He didn’t really have anyone living with him except for the an occasional taiga so the house was empty and he didn’t need to hide anything there
10/8 c2 Raging Drake
Sakura huh…Guess she went full yandere,though it’s rare to see a yandere not doing the job herself
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