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7/25 c32 2Sethlas
Era de esperarse de que shiro se negara a llevar a Natsumi, después de todo él es el personaje extraño en la serie de katekyo. Buen capitulo aunque me quedara corto. Gracias (ty)
7/25 c32 InfinityMask
There’s truth in your an but Gaia hates human and Gaia has consciousness. In world with abundant mana but no hostile consciousness shrou tracing shouldn’t be degraded. Or at least that what I think.
7/25 c32 Atraxia Dragon
Hm? I seem to remember that magecraft use prana, the mixture of od and mana. The exact measurement is determined by the user skill in determining the exact amount of prana needed to actualize the phenomenon of magecraft. Generally, the amount of prana produced is determined by the quality of magic circuit. To simplify, the od is the energy produced by the soul(lesser/human/animal). The mana is the energy produced by the soul(greater body/planetary bodies). The magic circuit is the pipe or chamber that will create prana from the od and mana. The reason why magecraft is weaker came from the strength of Mysteries. The more mysterious/mystical/unknown something is, the stronger the magecraft will be. For example, before the discoveries of electricity, lighting is an object to be feared and worshipped, something that is not understood how it came to be. In the age of Man, many things have been understood and lost its mysteries. Magecraft that became more powerful when there is more mana has to have strong connection to Gaia/greater spirits/gods because Gaia is not hostile to them. You can put more mana/of into a spell to strengthen them, but you run the risk of backfiring. Imagine using reinforcement on your eyeball but you put too prana to fill in the crack(deficiencies), the eyeball can literally explode. It's a balance between efficiency and firepower. Too little then the spell will fizzle out, too much then boom. Well, this is getting too long now... Nasu-verse has many contradiction, where one thing can meant another and you get lost trying to remember which is which. The only way I can say this is that Nasu-verse is a convoluted mess.
7/25 c32 Hellarion
The way i see it, it is less that it correspond to a direct increase in power and more that Shirou greatest limitation is his poor mana/od reserves, so with more in the air he can convert it into od better, so in the end it is a increase in his mp, allowing him to use higher level swords instead of basic ones/allowing sword spam and so on...

I would think like having a skill lvl10 with a mp bar lvl1, and then having a upgrade to mp bar lvl 5.
7/25 c32 skrapsynneh
Thank you for the chapter. I look forwards to more.

I love that end with mana theory. Definitely a forum topic to dive into.
7/25 c32 Caduken
Great Chapter.
7/25 c32 the.narr.master
Wait, Shirou, what are you doing?! Reborn is pissed! Use him! Rule Breaker him out of his geass and let him loose on the Vongola. Now's not the time to keep that a secret!
Sigh. Too bad.
If we're doing a castle-siege-break in, I kinda wanna see Shirou sniping and Broken Phantasming people from miles away.
Thank you for the chapter. It was still fun.
Have a nice sunday. Ta!
7/25 c32 zirnitradandm
also just looked it up, technically if you are unable to use the mana in the environment to use magic you sre reffered to as a wizard, because you would need something like the moon cell to do magic without mana [apparently magi use the mana in the air to achieve their full power, but is still limited by the circuits natural output so shirou will be the same strength either way] heres the excerpt from the wiki

"In fact, it is common practice among the magi to start up their spells with Od and then keep them running with Mana. Only small-scale spells that do not interact with the environment directly are performed entirely with Od, an example of which would be Reinforcement."

and even though shirou can send out a good 270 units of magical energy he only has 30 od according to the wiki, so he does use mana when using anything that isnt reinforcement in order to create magical energy.
7/25 c32 zirnitradandm
Gaia would be stronger, but so too would Alaya, which counter balances that, also magecraft is stronger the less it is used for example lets say reinforcement is a cup with water in it, and only one person has this cup that person goes on to teach another person, the water in the cup is now halved because 2 people are using the same magecraft, even though Shirou's using the same od, his magecraft will be stronger because less people know about ALL of his skills, yes even his tracing, its just an evolved form of gradation air.

not only that, but the older and less known a magecraft is, the stronger it is, so not only is all his magecraft extremely old technically, he has the added benefit no one there knows how it works or what it does

its hinted that Gaia's response is stronger the more people that use magic there are, but thats heresay
7/25 c32 SpectralStriker
Wonderful chapter, I am really happy to see it get updated again.

As for in your notes with the mana thing, I cannot help myself but agree. Shirou’s problem is that he cannot sponge up mana fast enough to fuel his reserves. So how ‘bout a new suggestion, not greater quantity of mana, but instead a greater quality than can be flexed in Gaia’s grasp more before she comes down with the hammer.

I don’t know if this solution would work from a technical standpoint, but it might explain the flameuser’s abilities.

Food for thought, thanks for the chapter )
7/25 c32 4verycoolname
I like this chapter. Shirou is being a good guy again, and not just to be a hero. That makes me happy.
7/25 c32 berlinsean1
I'd always considered what restricts him is Gaia but it's just is to maintain the natural balance. there is also alaya the will of man which wants to help humanity. if that portion of the world thinks "more magic users would help" then it would probably help and the fact it has access to its own agents and is can be as powerful as gaia might explain things.

Plus mana in general is just an indication of how much magic is in the area from the lore I think. I.E. the more mana there is the more gaia/alaya is okay with things of the "unnatural" nature such as phantasmal beasts, heroes, and other such shenanigans. That's why the age of God's via FGO has such strong mana in the air vs modern day where they have to use machines to help get even the smallest amount out unless the users themselves are beasts.
7/25 c32 PasiveNox
great cgapter
7/25 c32 isoulmani
Power systems aside this is going to be a real test of phantasam vs flame. We all know this is dagger time but the question is is the mad bomber has anything left to save by the time they get there. Whatever the outcome I expect sparks to fly. I’m glad you got this out but I hope you can find the conclusion you are looking for. While we enjoy the story as strangers on the internet this is a fanfic site. If you aren’t getting paid then you have no need to conform to a faceless public’s will. Write your story and let us deal with it. I find you get more done when you want to do the thing.
7/25 c32 1Dragonmaster150
So... you're saying Gaia that Gaia is the flow of mana in the world, which means that Gaia is an energy field that surrounds penetrates and binds all living things together? Gaia is the Force from Star Wars Confirmed!

With regards to the second half of the chapter, I don't really think it feels that awkward compared to the first, at least not to me.

Thank you for the chapter!
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