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7/25 c32 Dio Genus
Yay new chapter
7/24 c31 26HelenTheMoon
I didn't expect to run into any Fate x KHR crossovers, and honestly I love this one. Not only as a nostalgia trip, but it is legitimately well-written, with believable characters, and I love how you connected flames and Chakra and magic. I'm kind of disappointed that Yamamoto hasn't appeared at all since Natsumi slapped him, but that could be my own bias. I hope you have plans on continuing this fic, as I look forward to seeing more.
7/20 c18 Scythe-kun
Gokudera is a ranger cause he has his cat Umi.
7/5 c31 MiaMorn
7/4 c31 InfinityMask
I feel sorry for Gokudera haha. I agree with your point tho. But seeing he started to rebelled to protect natsumi make me feel sorry for him. I actually kinda hope the hypnotic and his protectiveness going on war and he get into coma instead of being further manipulated by 9th.

Hopefully Reborn or Kiritsugu notice Gokudera suddenly leaving and prevent him from releasing info that he get.
7/3 c7 InfinityMask
Well damn nice fight. You always did a great job at fighting scenes.
6/27 c31 barrytrey0430
Hmmm. Shirou hiding his powers is backfiring, but that's mostly because Reborn decided to be a avatar of chaos. Imagine if Reborn and Shirou could fully work together.
6/19 c8 3GiveMeBackMyFreedomFandoms
"You lost a one-on-one fight with me. By Vongola law, you are now my lackey." Reborn said, as if it was common sense.
Shirou is neither Vongola nor is associated with the mafia so that should mean nothing.
6/14 c1 Guest
Good chapter. As for Tsuna hitting Iemitsu, maybe you should stop slapping on whatever Type-Moon power scaling rank you feel like. People are just going to try to argue with you on that account. By what I've read from reviews before me and what I remember from the manga, I don't think it compares to an A Rank attack either.
6/15 c31 7Nain Tarlow
That's a brilliant story, I'm so happy that this fic was recommended to me.
The whole premise is interesting and I really like your portrayal of characters, bot Fate and KHR characters. I can't wait to see how the rest of the story will turn out, with the Ninth trying to manipulate behind the scenes, what's going on with Mammon trying ti kidnap Shirou of all people. It will be a lot of chaos to be in the future, I can already tell. Looking forward to it.
Wonder if Shirou will even open up about his past, the Holy Grail Wars, Sakura or maybe even Archer.
It's a really beautifully constructed and really interesting story. Keep up the awesome work, I will eagerly await the next chapter.
6/14 c18 5Luke Dragneel
Technically I'd label Gokudera a dual class Artificer-Wizard with High Intel, low Charisma, and single digit Wisdom. He is basically a glass cannon compared to everyone else in the group with his biggest redeeming qualities being his loyalty and ability to produce DWF devices for the Famiglia.

That's probably the best use one could get from him, even if technically Shirou's mystic codes are far more powerful(the familiar-like DWF critters were a pretty cool addition). he could also fulfill the role of a stalking horse and source of tech-based inventions rather than magical.
6/4 c21 4fangs of death
What about chrome? For her mist
6/4 c31 ignoto82
gotta say, a really nice work.
complex enought to entrain yet simple enought not to tire.
read it all in a rush.
5/29 c19 Guest
That fight is like the draft of the prototype fight between Heracles and Gilgamesh, God hand(prototype) ensures eleven victories and Gilgamesh had an unnamed NP which guarantees that he lives. So even when Herc did actually not lose the battle, he still died.
5/30 c19 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
That seemed more like something out of Carnival Phantasm to me!
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