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7/25 c32 2EvanderAdvent
This thing about Shirou’s power is definitely something that every author can have their own spin on since there’s no canonical base for how Shirou’s power works in other world and is a problem that only appears in fanfics. To give my own opinion though I believe it’s not the amount of mana being stronger but Gaia being weaker that’s important. Magecraft on principle goes against the flow of nature so Gaia is alway pushing back, making a spell less powerful than if it were used in a Gaia-less vacuum. The idea is that on other worlds Gaia is weaker, not as aware as Nasuverse Gaia or just not present. This means there’s less or no pushback against magecraft so spells are stronger and Tracings degrade slower. Just thought I’d add my two cents.
7/25 c32 anonreader47
Its not realy shiro getting stronger but just having more room to work with since theres less of a force trying to correct his traced weapons even then trying to use the higher level noble phantasms would still be the cost in the nasuverse unless someone else is powering him
7/25 c32 1NotSpecialDude
(Accidentally posted before i finished sorry) Magecraft is performed with magical energy which is a combination of Od and Mana. Od is from with the body and mana from the air. Thus in theory, a mana abundant world would require less Od to do magecraft. The actual quality of the spell wouldn't change and the ammount of magic circuits used to hold the magical energy would change, but it would make casting spells less tiring.
7/25 c32 NotSpecialDude
Nice chapter! As for my take on "worlds with more mana."
7/25 c32 lanitri27
Things are getting good! Nice
7/25 c32 6MastaofBitches
Well, here's hoping Shirou puts the CEDEF down hard. He's not really got any reason to let them live anyway.
7/25 c32 dragon-cloud16
Decent chapter but now your making me want to do a Arifureta cross over thanks to that line involving the World Tree.

But I believe that having a Higher Mana availability is not quite the same as Gaia's Influence unless there is a correlation between the two. You can follow that during the Age of Gods that Mana was more prevalent but Gaia had less influence during that time.

During the events of modern Nasuverse, the Mana levels are lower outside the Reverse Side of the World due to Gaia and possibly Alaya. If anything, I can see it as Gaia possibly having type 2 Diabetes and not being able to get medication is what is hampering magecraft.
7/25 c32 Dasgun
7/25 c32 Blobiblob
To your thoughts on the mana: As i understand it, The Will of Gaia works actively against magecraft, independent of the amount of mana.
So even if there is more mana around, without the corrective force against all magecraft it should be easier for Shirou to start and maintain his Craft. It doesn't give him more power directly, but makes the upkeep lower.
7/25 c32 Dio Genus
Yay new chapter
7/24 c31 26HelenTheMoon
I didn't expect to run into any Fate x KHR crossovers, and honestly I love this one. Not only as a nostalgia trip, but it is legitimately well-written, with believable characters, and I love how you connected flames and Chakra and magic. I'm kind of disappointed that Yamamoto hasn't appeared at all since Natsumi slapped him, but that could be my own bias. I hope you have plans on continuing this fic, as I look forward to seeing more.
7/20 c18 Scythe-kun
Gokudera is a ranger cause he has his cat Umi.
7/5 c31 MiaMorn
7/4 c31 InfinityMask
I feel sorry for Gokudera haha. I agree with your point tho. But seeing he started to rebelled to protect natsumi make me feel sorry for him. I actually kinda hope the hypnotic and his protectiveness going on war and he get into coma instead of being further manipulated by 9th.

Hopefully Reborn or Kiritsugu notice Gokudera suddenly leaving and prevent him from releasing info that he get.
7/3 c7 InfinityMask
Well damn nice fight. You always did a great job at fighting scenes.
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