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for A Storm of Swords

6/4 c31 ignoto82
gotta say, a really nice work.
complex enought to entrain yet simple enought not to tire.
read it all in a rush.
5/29 c19 Guest
That fight is like the draft of the prototype fight between Heracles and Gilgamesh, God hand(prototype) ensures eleven victories and Gilgamesh had an unnamed NP which guarantees that he lives. So even when Herc did actually not lose the battle, he still died.
5/30 c19 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
That seemed more like something out of Carnival Phantasm to me!
5/30 c16 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Huh, you know I could have sworn that Bianchi was Reborn's fourth lover.
5/30 c31 Dark.Lord0
Great chapter
5/28 c10 1drakonpie250
What is the scabbard that Shirou is talking about?
5/28 c4 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Did you just make Ryohei do a Silver Chariot/Jean Pierre Polnareff impersonation? (If yes; NIIIIIICEEEEEE!)
5/26 c31 isoulmani
Now that you mention it that does happen quite frequently in the like a dragon series. It looks like the sleeper agent is about to get woke. Most definitely not in a social justice way. It is amazing how the small change of switching the main character’s gender and knowledge of the full series has shown the cracks in the story. That and you seem to have turned the story into a battle sienin and jumped entirely out of shonen. Despite forcing the power system into magical girls the actual story content has not changed. It does however dive into character’s feelings and motivations. By discussing all the aspects of mofia life and not shying away from the honest tragedy of people’s backstories you produced people. Warts and all. I can not wait to see this master work of character study continues.
5/24 c21 Rodenmar
Reading this, I've concluded that the Katekyo Hitman Reborn world is a goddamn mess. It's like the author were constantly high when making up the storyline.
5/24 c31 Mono
Although I prefer to do longer reviews, knowing your PM box, it's probably better I keep this brief.

I feel extremely privileged to have read and enjoyed this fanfic of yours. It has, in my mind, done an extraordinary job of blending the world-lore of both KHR and FSN. Your portrayals of every single character (main, side, good, or bad), has left me astonished with their nuance. Wherever you choose to take this story, I will be following, so long so it's been done well. Well enough to make you think, "I'm satisfied with this."

Know that there are those who appreciate your work. Rock on, sir.
5/20 c8 Jack1nTheBox
nah, ik sorry bro but I'm out. I actually like the fic a lot but I just can't deal with Reborn's personality and the chokehold he has on pretty much everyone. Same issue I had with the Anime so it aint your fault. I enjoy preyy much all your fucs but Reborn is just too much for me.

keep up the good work though, plenty of people seem to be enjoying it a lot.
5/20 c7 Jack1nTheBox
man, Reborn is a capital D Dick.
5/19 c31 1Sir Cookie
Veeeeerrry interesting. I'm liking the direction of the story, the quality of the writing, and the fact that this is getting updates. Good on you, sir! or madam...
5/19 c29 Sir Cookie
Yeah gokudera is kind of annoying. In my personal opinion, I couldn't less what happens with him in the story. Whether he dies to give illya something to fight for, or he becomes a bigger badass than shiro and reborn combined
5/19 c31 1LiteraryGas
I started reading this just yesterday and im really enjoying it and i can really see the work you trying do in fleshing out characters and their relationships. Keep up the good work, im looking forward to the future and i hope you're also having fun with this.

Now here are my pet peeves, huehuehuehue, nothing really important just my head churning.

Im both surprised and abit disappointed that natsuxshirou prob wont be a thing(damn my shipping tendencies), surprised because the potential for it had just been red herrings such as the closet scene at the beginning and natsu accidentally trying to reshape shirou's soul with the flower, but not really that big of a deal since hey it can easily chalked up to just friends being friends (dammit! Why wont childhood friends ever get together!). Disappointed it'll just be tsunaxkyoko all over again. But oh well thats what i think atleast, you probably already have some plan about that and im eager to see what you'll pull.

In regards to shirou's and natsumi's relationship im gonna be honest I've been playing a scenario it in my head in which it gets strained and leads to romance, as you said shirou is a convenient cleaner who helps nastumi adjusts its practically a one way street, the turning point would be natsumi finding out that the dream cycles is actually shirou's memories and seeing that, while he pulled her weight she had just been adding more to it while she did nothing in return and actually reap the rewards, this probably wont sit well with her and she'll try to avoid it which actually backfires, since avoiding wont fix it she'll just be there for him after she truly knows his distortion to truly ground him and show him some well deserved love. This might be away to fix her mild androphobia seeing that she was doing something similar to her father by forming a bubble with nothing but with what you want and being ignorant to what needs to be done. Oh who knows this rant has been convoluted and messy i just want natsuxshirou to happen(childhood friends should win dammit!).

In regards to the Tsuna's full powered shot being comparable to A rank anti fort np, yeah no i dont see that, a real A rank anti fort like saber's excalibur can obliterate a walking fort, thats basically a gigantic immortal lovecraftian horror that infinitely regenerates, in one shot(check back to fate zero with caster's gigantic horror) so no i dont really see it its more comparable to a anti army one at C rank like clarent blood arthur.

Well thats that im eager to read the next chapter youll post.
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