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5/9 c10 38Kithrin
hehehehe... won't HE be in for a surprise!
5/8 c20 5Shadow Phoenix 16
5/6 c31 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
Surprise update here, poor Gokudera, but I guess I won't be seeing that comic relief anymore, sad.
Shirou can fake flames, I really should have seen that coming, to be honest, but you still managed to surprise me there. Not sure if this is relevant though, but could Shirou copy the effects of more esoteric flames?
5/6 c31 NoaRien
Great job I can’t wait to see what happens next
5/4 c31 DawnWraith
Always happy to see this updated. Love the water park scene as that was hilarious, can’t wait to see the next chapter. Have a great one and stay safe.
5/4 c31 Anon
Iemot is a cowardly asshole. But I do hope he still has some fatherly love in him and would cover for Natsu's weakness if he got some from Goku during interrogation.

I dislike both of them but not to the point of wishing for their death and suffering...So im looking forw1rd ti what you will do with them!
5/4 c30 Anon
I am honestly sad that Chrome wont be a gardien... She was so cute! But oh well. Kyoko is also hella cute and Haru is annoying. But not as annoyibg as Lambo so... welp.

Thanks for the chapter!
5/4 c23 Anon
I want Gokudera out of the fic. So im kinda really happy you will cut him out!

I dont think you treated him unfairly or that he was OOC. The Goku you wrote is pretty much the same as the one in the manga. As are your characters depiction of the mangas character. I was surprised for Hana's crush on Shirou though. And Natsu is OOC but we her current family and the ninth. Yeah. Thats normal as hell.
5/3 c29 Ultimate Pervy Sage
I hope he does get redeemed. Always my favorite arcs, but snubbing would still be funny and makes sense for the characters.
5/3 c31 4DaDragon562
Poor gokudera, the geass contract will kill him when timoteo tries to get at shirou and natsumis secrets
5/3 c31 rampedindent
I love how this story is progressingadmittedly the way you seem to be getting rid of Gokudera seems to havw the possibility to be a bit darker than I expected), I hope you keep up the great work
5/3 c31 TheDemonLordsAccountant
Yeah, having Shirou around would definitely cause somebody to be calmer with problem occurs.

Heater broken? Shirou can fix it.
Accidents resulted in no food for dinner? Temporarily, Shirou is gladly cooking.
Gangwar is happening in the neighbourhood? Wait, that's 'happened', Shirou lives there now.
A ancient monster weak to only a specific type of weapon is rampaging? Shirou got that weapon.
Godzilla rises up from the sea! Wait, can he handle that? Oh, he is already drawing his bow.
5/3 c29 rampedindent
I'll be honest I don't particularly like Gokudera character, he doesn't seem to really fit with the others.
5/3 c31 Uday Sra
5/3 c31 1Wicked.A
Yeah I agree that in canon tsuna losing against his father was the most surprising thing to me in the series, especially because I thought "where was this guy when byakuran took over the future and why didn't he deal with it"? Imeitsu is VERY tanky!
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