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5/3 c31 7NightBringer325
Interrogation implies he gets out of there in the first place so unless he leaves right this second and gets a flight out within hours while they are all at the waterpark those odds are low given between Hibari, Reborn, and the Emiya's they probably have practically full control of the town so him leaving immediately without explanation would draw attention particularly Reborn's given what he knows.
5/2 c31 Exodus12345
Shouldn't they know not to mess with them by now? I thought Kiritsugu and his wife made that plenty clear last time.
5/2 c31 RoyalTwinFangs
Very good chapter
5/2 c31 The Qrow
I'm seriously actually wishing that it was you Who writr the original manga right now. The amount of throught you put into it is amazing along with the character building and backstory makes it into something truly special. Keep up the amazing work you're doing!
5/2 c31 1neogoki
Timoteo is navigating towards a clusterfu**k
being topdog for so long has really dulled his sense of danger, even after the reminder Kiri and Iri gave him he once more is activly abusing a kid and aims to do more to Natsumi.
5/2 c31 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
5/2 c31 DEYWOS
Flames of Steel? as in one of the Earth Flames?
5/2 c31 Zerak
Gota love the sunk cost fallacy. While not exactly what is happening, the ninth has invested a lot and wants to push through. So instead of changing his approach he just keeps getting deeper and deeper into the shit pile.
5/2 c31 The Prophet Of Lies
Another great chapter I can't wait for all of it to come to a head for a big show down
5/2 c31 12Victori
Yesss, so glad to see this updating more often. Can't wait to see what happens next
5/2 c31 quarttzblade12
I kinda hope the flames of steel are semi solid and blocky
5/2 c31 PasiveNox
Yeah great chapter
5/2 c31 woodxvii
I appreciate shirou just having fun with a couple of dudes. Really all three of them could use quality bro time. And I love seeing Natsumi so much more at ease, it's quite refreshing. Also it would make sense for cedef to handle it as the vongola's investigative unit(i think that's what they were, can't quite remember) though as important as the issue is I can't imagine the ninth not being present regardless
5/2 c31 1Yabas
Iemitsu having the 'flames of steel' would make absolute sense. Byakuran was able to deal with him in the future, but a stronger Tsuna wasnt able to damage him. This could be explained away by Iemitsu not having enough firepower to defeat Byakuran despite being an tank. Or that other flames like Storm and Rain flames are better equipped to lower his lightning flames powered defence than Tsuna'a sky flames were.
5/2 c31 Blarg
Wow, the Ninth is fucked up in this story. He would probably have Gokudera interrogated by the Idiot Father so that he isn't blamed. Not just saying this cause I want to see "Flames of Steel" get crushed by Shiro "Unlimited Blade Works" Emiya. I really don't believe that Tsuna was throwing around A-Rank attacks though, but since in this world it seems like everyone has gotten a boost...
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