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10/27/2019 c1 VP69
Can you provide the source about Sakura betraying archer? As in the real back story. Because I really can't find anything when searching for it.
10/27/2019 c1 2LukeSky001
Ok story but...Sakura? Rly? I mean...I get it with dark Sakura and all but still...at best she would show some yandere tendencies but, actually betraying him...?

I don't know man...

Either way, other than that, I am intrigued. Next chap!
10/27/2019 c1 A Lost Nuffians
... HERESY! Sakura is the best! Oh and great chapter~ i want moarrr!
10/27/2019 c1 2AnonymousAuthor3
I’ve never been interested in (the one that isn’t fate: I’m on mobile so I can’t see the name, but I’m gonna look it up and watch it later) before, but so far this story seems very interesting. I hope it continues to be, and good luck in whatever you’re doing right now! Thanks for the chapter!
10/27/2019 c1 11ENDDRAGON369
I really wish you could do Savior of One.
10/27/2019 c1 3code R.R
damn, i've never heard of the use of Sakura betrayal like this even thought it's freaking obvious, Good on you man
10/27/2019 c1 CAD270895
i love this story more please
please shirou x natsumi
10/27/2019 c1 2miguelgiuliano.co
Para que tu historia funcione seria que dejaras de lado todo lo relacionado con la magia de Shirou y el universo Fate así te seria mas fácil crear una gran historia. Sabes creo que en tu historia podrías meter a Luvia como una heredera de las magias y tal vez ser una de las falsas coronas funestas.
Otra cosa no has pensado en hacer una historia de Shirou-Muramasa en el universo de Fairy-Tail junto con su harén de dioses, pero teniendo magias en base al universo de FT.
10/27/2019 c1 Dustier7
Holy shit i never thought i needed a Katekyo x fate story until you dropped this beautiful gem in my lap, I really hope you continue this. I’m waiting for everyone’s reactions to shirou and his actions and skills that he has and the knowledge he knows.
10/27/2019 c1 1Impstar
Never watched Katekyo, but I'll be watching this story all the same. I am slightly concerned about the fate of the Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita story, since you usually (though not always as shown with Wandering) don't come back to a story once you've started a new one, but hey, it's only been a couple days.

Looking forward to the next update.
10/27/2019 c1 2SouruTV
Interesting idea. I am supporting it. But please continue other of your story's.
10/27/2019 c1 frozenfirekitsune
Good. Want more please.

Good start to this story. The focus on Shirou with Tsuna a major role is different. Sometimes I have read a mix or a dual role of Shirou and Tsuna is the more usual. You might change it, but the major focus on Shirou was nice to see.
10/27/2019 c1 Tempest-Rage
how to say this... i like the story, yeah its great... but considering i favor Sakura rather than 2 other heroine... i have a mixed feeling regarding this... but, welp, as long as its not a story about bashing her, its all good...

p.s. and yeah, in the corner of my mind, when thinking about Sakura rather 'dark' thing, its possible for her to be a yandere character...
10/27/2019 c1 ATX180
Nice story!
Not sure where your dislike of Sakura comes from, but I'm curious to see where this story will go.
10/27/2019 c1 PasiveNox
What sakura is ok yeah nice nice chapter
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