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4/27 c30 Aisling-SA
Fast update! I do agree with Shirou that Natsumi is nowhere near ready to handle this, though.
4/27 c29 6MastaofBitches
Gokudera does still make for a better Lightning Guardian than Lambo does at the very least, plus he has the potential to have a very interesting character arc, since he has something he can connect with Natsume on, in that Nono places seals on both of them without their consent.

I think it would be far more interesting to see Gokudera develop into a more reliable character than simply offing him, or booting him out of the story.
4/27 c29 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Hmm a redemption arc would be neat, also wouldn't illya need a guardian or two?
4/27 c29 Guest
In my opinion, you should probably get rid of Gokudera. The problem is that I find no way to keep him alive after that. Nono has marked him as his spy, and when he is no longer useful... well, he is dead. That will happen as soon as it is even more clear that he will never be Natsumi's right hand. Or left hand. Or even her pinkie.
4/27 c29 catnaplap
Well, neither Haru nor gokudera rate very highly in my book, so I'm all for a bit of harshness in your treatment of them. Khr often irritated me with the cruel stupidity of many characters.

In the end though I'll be happy if you go with whatever you feel is natural and interesting.
4/27 c23 Humming Brook
I like this fic a lot, but this chapter's always struck me oddly. Shirou's veeeeery unconcerned about the idea of Reborn and Bianchi being "in love" despite age difference and just plain morality. I assume that may be because Reborn is a baby, and he knows it wouldn't be in any way sexual...? Or he just has faith that Reborn isn't a predator to that extent? IDK - it's something that leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but not too hard to chalk it up to his instincts saying it wasn't what it seemed.
4/26 c29 violastrum
First off, acting out of spite is definitely in poor tastes as a writer, though I certainly understand your grievances. Ignore them though, this is your story and you should be free to write it how you feel the story goes. You're writing this for yourself and not the public. Them being happy with it is just a successful bonus.

On to the smoking bomber, it's do or die now. He's part and parcel of the problem Natsume has been having opening up. The way things have gone, he should have been the first thing Reborn dealt with after she rejected Yamamoto, especially after figuring out she hates dishonesty. Hell, Reborn outright admitted he thought Gokudera had been compromised by the Ninth earlier and Natsume's intuition would have picked up on this. Tie this back into her trust issues and you can see there's no way she'll ever accept him. Being who she is though, it's clear he's got troubles. At worst she'll try and way to give him control of his own life, for better or worse before cutting him loose. She's not heartless and would treat him the say way she just did Haru, just without letting him in, I think. Either way, it's clear the way she's developed, he isn't a good fit and for his own sake and hers, needs to be sent back.
4/26 c29 Mistletainn
Ehh, woulldn't treating Gokudera that way, unfair? Sure, hes older than Haru, but more or less acted that way due to his shitty family, much like Haru was due to hers. At least sent him packing back to Italy instead of giving him concrete shoes.
4/26 c29 Xyanth
yeah, I'm just gonna drop this story entirely. good luck in future chapters.
4/26 c29 3zeldawolffang
I hope Gokudera can become a better person and live
4/26 c29 1thebebb
May as well just off him, whether through killing the character or finding a way of keeping him off screen eternally. There's little point to this character beyond creating conflict by having him act out so far and if you don't want to write the character beyond being a conflict starter then there becomes absolutely no point to having this character in your story beyond a certain point
4/26 c29 3prietar
Gokudera was always annoying for me so I don't really care what you do with him
4/26 c29 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
4/26 c29 8RedRat8
I am for Gokudara living because it would be an interesting character arc for him to understand his own flaws and know how far his actions have gone. With it he grow as a character and become a better person for it as well as adding depth to him like you did for other characters.
4/26 c29 The Prophet Of Lies
I am part of team leave Gokudera behind he isn't even one of the most fun cast mates. Still love the story and can't wait for more since Shiro has so much to make for himself and to stomp some heads
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