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4/6 c23 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
why didn't i give this fic a chance before? it's so good!
3/4 c23 13enticement
I love time travel fix-it fics more than anything and it made me incredibly happy to see a recentish fic with this trope in DP fandom! I am very happy and thankful you are writing this story, and super interested in seeing where it’s going.

Seeing DxS ship sink (RIP) made me curious to see what’s going to happen to Valerie and how you’ll progress in further involving her in ghost hunting now that Danny has a goal to not let the Cujo accident happen the same way.
3/2 c23 Gamelord42
This is such a fantastic story! Thank you for the read I look forward to where this is going! May the muses continue to favor you! :D
1/7 c23 3LadySquirrelLore
Just finished reading all of this, and I love it! I'm a sucker for time travel redo stories like this (honestly just time travel in general as long as it's well written) and I'd been hoping to find a story like this for Danny Phantom! All the characters feel real and three dimensional, and honestly I am enjoying the feeling of positivity throughout the whole fic! And I agree with you about the pairing being potentially unsustainable, and I felt that way in the cannon universe as well. I'd love for you to update, and chances are I'll end up rereading this again at least once. I'm excited to see where the story progresses, now that Sam and Tucker know the truth, and after this big change from Vlad. Also you're a really good writer, and was impressed as I got to the end of each chapter to see a note saying it was unbetaed, because there were no glaring mistakes or anything I could see (not that I was looking haha). I'm also really glad that even after so long, Danny Phantom fanfiction is still relevant and current, so thank you for writing it
1/2 c23 demzerff1
It took me a little while to get here but here I am!
Love the story.
We get so many interesting interactions and I always look forwards to the next chapter. Thus I forget the review button...hah.
Anyways this chapter was fun in the idea that things are almost like a calm before the storm. So many more ghosts are coming in soon and I can't help but wonder where romance will go or where the next conflict will end.
So many ghosts are already neutral if not friendly so it's hard to see how things might go especially since I think Danny will get blindsided soon.
You can't set off that many butterflies without something crazy happening.
1/2 c9 demzerff1
It amuses me that this Danny reminds me even more of Yusuke the spirit detective haha.
12/1/2020 c23 5cg037
A great story so far, keep up the good work.
11/15/2020 c3 1Lutemis
Huh. You'd think with a literal master of time running around in this work DP would have far more peggy due fics then your run of the mill naruto or Harry Potter fic. And nevermind that this is literally the first actual do over style of time travel fic I've seen in the DP Fandom period, this is also actually well written and thus far thought out - clockwork is essentially the Saitama of this show's plot and for a great deal of the fics, and you used that power well and with a great portrayal. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
11/10/2020 c23 3Mr. Meowington
I was in a awful mood today, but this chapter really made me smile, thank you for updating
11/5/2020 c23 2DannyPhantom619
Hope Ember becomes a reccuring character in your story.

Her and Dani were some of my favorite characters next to Danny that l liked watching.
11/1/2020 c22 Kaidrin Uzumaki
Damn, normal Vlad is gonna equal to no Dani Phantom, I'm gonna miss her
10/23/2020 c23 DarkDragon2267
Will Dani not exist in this timeline? She was one of my favorite characters, but I'm not sure how she could still exist with Vlad not being insane anymore.
10/15/2020 c9 Thehappyvampire
While it's understandable that Danny wants this timeline to be better than the last one, the changes feel too rapid. Like, not having much time for people adjust and adapt. You can't expect people to instantly go along with the changes.
10/12/2020 c23 tyry95
Wait a minute! It's you again? I keep accidentally reading your books and then getting surprised when I realize you're the author. Don't know if you remember me... About a year ago you thought it was funny the only thing I remembered about your star wars fanfiction was that Anakin had robot stilts
10/12/2020 c11 Guest
Sam spoke next. "It's against his rights to lock him away simply because you want to!"

"Yeah, dude! It goes against the constitution!"

This is the third time this has happened in story and something about it feels... Off. Like with Paulina a few chapters ago - he started talking about how holding the amulet is technically theft and assault and you can go to jail for it?

Reminds me of the stereotypical Karen yelling "Am I being detained? You can't arrest me! Do you know who I am?"
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