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for Harry Potter Characters as Warrior Cats

1/25 c1 Guest
Hmmmm… (mocks puzzlement) maybeeeee… Voldemort as Tigerstar? (Yes I say his name WAY to easily) oh! And… Dumbledoor would be Oneeye or Halftail?
1/25 c1 9DarkCrystal666
of course, harry is firestar that makes sense
obviously voldemort would be like... tigerstar, because hes like the main villain and stuff but hes also kinda lame
hermione is actually really like silverstream, always with a smartass comeback and making sure firestar knows how much of an idiot he is
ravenpaw as neville that makes so much senseeee
personaly i think snape has two sides, so its hard to place him into a non-pov warriors character... i think blackstar is accurate though, he was on the wrong side, then he went good, but hes still kind of a jerk
mcgonagall as bluestar - perfection
aww yes ron is greystripe 1000% literally fits so well
oh yes lily as squirrelflight makes so much sense squirrelflight would 1324695876963232653246586856586856586865486599978956757436342% die for her kits
10/8/2020 c1 Guest
Ginny is Sandstorm
James would be Bramblestar
I think Hermione should be Millie
7/25/2020 c1 Someone
If Cho's Spottedleaf then didn't she DIE? But it doesn't have to be exactly the same I suppose... McGonagall as Bluestar isn't quite accurate as well because Minnie (Minerva McGonagall's nickname in case you don't know) is sterner than Bluestar and her faith is much stronger. Bluestar's more like a Ravenclaw or if not Slytherin due to her ambitions, so perhapes Andormora Black might do. I think Hermione is more like Hollyleaf because they are both really combined to rules (Hermione to the law and Hollyleaf to the warrior code) and Silverstream died a death not so Hermione-like. I personally think Squirrelflight should be Ginny because Lily isn't that hot. The Marauders I have no idea because there isn't much of a troublesome four in Warriors.
6/14/2020 c1 Coco
Mapleshade is professor Umbridge
6/6/2020 c1 32Lorde Shadowz
Snape would sooo NOT be Ashfur, thank you very much. I think he'd be more of a Longtail. And I bet Pettigrew would be Darkstripe... Luna Lovegood would be Echosong (from Firestar's Journey). Tigerstar is soo Moldy Voldie, especially with the whole killing him twice bit. Sandstorm would be Ginny. Thorntail seems like a Seamus Finnigan to me. Beetlewhisker would be Karkaroff, probably. Madame Pomfrey is Cinderpelt. Onewhisker is Tom Riddle Sr. Ambermoon is Tonks. Trelawny is Goosefeather, hahaha.
3/24/2020 c1 5Dragonlover2006
I know I'm a little late but...
Draco Malfoy would be Breezepelt :)
10/28/2019 c1 4ivystormrandomness
Hermione would be Silver!

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