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11/8/2019 c1 Saki-Hime
Interesting, i'm asuming this was a one night stand type of thing.
10/28/2019 c1 Restia32
Jajaj sasuke es un picaron ; )
10/29/2019 c1 bbnyo
Cant wat for the next chapteeeer
10/28/2019 c1 Huhhuh
You make it clear Hinata has contempt for his personality and is astounded at the idea of anyone finding him attractive and then not even one paragraph later apparently she’s pregnant by him this is disjointed trash

Why exactly is this tagged in the NaruHina section? Other than to bait for views
10/28/2019 c1 23fanofthisfiction
The predicament detailed, it will be certainly be quite a big situation to resolve for young Hinata and Sasuke. Thanks for sharing!
10/28/2019 c1 1DianeGigant
Bueno esperando por mas
U embarazo precoz siempre es dificil de aceptar
Ahora esperosaber q pasa hay una relacion entre
Sasuke y Hinata o solo unos free?

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