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for Dragging Pegs

7/28/2023 c15 bozbaby
Knock knock Everything ok or not so much? Miss you and your imagination.

Love the story. Im not a biker guy fan, but you write Masen in a way that I can imagine without me wanting to yell at him to go shower and shave. Sorry. Known too many bikers, many of them fit the unwashed/unkempt stereotype, though I’ve met many who don’t, too. Hmm…. Eh, one of my hang ups I need to get over. Anyway, enjoying the story. Hope Emmett gets a rude awakening in a very big way and for Bella to remember that she’s a person, too, and needs a break from time to time. Single parent of 27 years here. I get it. Adult time that isn’t Mom time is therapeutic.
6/27/2023 c15 saintfudge
It’s a crime that this story stops here story thanks for sharing have fun
4/23/2023 c15 10nbrian72
Will there be an update
2/28/2023 c1 Guest
Miss this fic.
Wish you could finish.
1/24/2023 c15 sue1zide
Will this be continued/completed?
9/17/2022 c15 3WildChild1954
Please tell me that you plan on finishing this story! You gave just enough of a really well-written and excellent story to get me hooked and now I really, really need you to finish this!
5/8/2022 c15 Guest
Love this.
2/6/2022 c15 Kate1386
Happy New Year! Glad she went looking for him much better than her ex
1/19/2022 c15 LaPumuckl
Looks like Bella is using her time without mommy duties wiselyI'm sure Alice approves, too.
1/14/2022 c15 i heart clash
God what a super sexy story! Loved what you did with the Little Wolves & Lone Wolves there. Bella’s so real in this, too. Enjoyed witnessing her confidence bloom. Thanks for the lovely read 3
12/20/2021 c15 tff000
12/10/2021 c15 2NKubie
This is the start of a real something. I'm glad Bella isn't fighting it...too hard. Lol

Stay safe and well!
12/3/2021 c15 Guest
Thank you for coming back!
12/4/2021 c15 pbadeaux10
I missed you and this story so much! Beyond excited to see it in my alerts!
12/4/2021 c15 roxiegirl
Thank you! Excited to see a chapter! I’ve missed these two.
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