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1/7 c29 coldpyr0
I know this is pretty pointless to point out. Klaue didn't have a prosthetic arm until after Ultron, which hasn't happened here since Tony has just barely returned and who knows where the Mind Stone is currently.
1/7 c1 Guest
Hey is the MC using scarf the weapon from Eraserhead
12/20/2022 c13 roderickdiaz
you are making soft again
12/20/2022 c12 roderickdiaz
honestly I'm getting irritated about him going with the flow! it's 12 chapters in and he hasn't done anything like the old him would! I need to know if it's just because of some perks he lost or because you just wrote about him differently just because
12/20/2022 c10 roderickdiaz
he can revive! wtf is he doing
12/20/2022 c10 roderickdiaz
he has a fuckijg inventory fucking use it to keep important stuff!
you've make him more stupid
12/20/2022 c8 roderickdiaz
he says he doesn't like fighting but he fought all the time in the other multivers
12/20/2022 c8 roderickdiaz
it's annoying how he's being so passive
12/20/2022 c3 roderickdiaz
why is he afraid of everything?! you're mak8ng so much different than before
12/20/2022 c2 roderickdiaz
he so passive here
12/20/2022 c2 roderickdiaz
why are you making him so different?
12/13/2022 c3 majikss
you have way to many plot lines put out that don't need to be shown right now, give us one "question at a time its to much to have all of these going on at once
12/1/2022 c1 Rhenam
first, not taking the cyclops was good, he is very punchable and I think that xavier would not like that, then getting caught between superpower fights is really risky as frack castle said. alias kuro playing with the astral form would be interesting
12/1/2022 c32 TheWritingFreakIsBack
12/1/2022 c28 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Getting Cortana would be a major W
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