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11/29 c7 Blazer1011
Gideon Glee
11/21 c33 Guest
So much just time skipped over. That really sucked. All the build up to look forward to and amusement with some things like Hera. Ended up like this in the end.
11/21 c32 Guest
Random asshole teenager says update bitch and causes this chapter.
11/21 c30 Guest
Even still I'm guessing he wont end the joker because shes female. Instead of flaying her and burning her alive permanently. Sending her to death to be tortured endlessly and be done with it.

Selena, nor Emma couldnt help with her mind? A dive from death on someone who can like a certain time manipulator who already gender bent her son?
11/21 c29 Guest
Could sell non addictive but fun as hell hallucinagin's. Minor healing potions of various kinds. Minor enhancers, and whatever he can think of that no one can compete with.

Takes shitty drug info and industry from bottom tier scum to continue and expand their work. Scummy, needless, and simple.

Storm is definitely not a woman you stop after one round with. No way he should go without grabbing her later that night.
11/21 c28 Guest
Waiting for when he decides to try and beat the unhappy girls nature with pleasure.

See if he can undo it and she ends up radiated joy, arousal, or pleasure aura instead due to his "mistake".

The heart has to be different. I think I remember it being described as having an unlimited source but only holding 10 million mana at any time eith a recharge of 1 million every... something. Minute, hour? Idk.
11/21 c27 Guest
Hate what was done with Jessica. It was a dumb plan to let her be taken and broken in by the asshole. Shouldve been obvious.

I really dont get why he is seriously going the villain route with one of his forms. Where he intends to kill and harm people with.

He could easily just have another anti hero type to deal with his criminal enemies and let his stupidly fast rising power handle the good guys without pointlessly killing them. Hes barely been there very long and hes already begun leaving fairly large number of heroes and villains behind in strength.

Hes adding excess work forming a criminal group to run shit and do what hes mentioned. Really hate what's been done with Jessica.

Phoenix personality is jarring.

Classes were far more fun now that she was a part of Kuro's little circle of friends, Kitty was a great conversationalist, Rogue's dry humour was highly amusing, watching Ellie and Kuro snark at each other was hilarious, and Yukio was just adorable... for someone that utterly kinky.

Love this, wish there was more dialogue and interaction with the characters. More than the short albeit enjoyable bursts.

11/21 c26 Guest
Honestly thought he'd show her he could handle her in hos human form and make use of the necromancer spells including bitch breaker. He can get near that size with that I'm guessing.

That ending is wow. I dont know if her addition makes the group scarier or not.
11/21 c24 Guest
Is that a female joker? I'm guessing it's not the version that's Bruce Wayne's mom.

Joker is a character that needs to die in a fire. Idc if hes genderbent. That thing is among the types that dont deserve to live.
11/21 c21 Guest
No white magic to detox the passed out Sue? Wouldnt an anti poison do something at least?

Of course he cucked him. Somehow he is so filled with worry of losing her but is okay with sharing her. His first time no less and with a sex demon. He must be beyond wasted to have it override not just his common sense but his fear too.

Couldnt just make an penchant with his nullify power or something he can use. Maybe even a elasticity enchant for her to use.

Skipped the double team. Not a fan in the slightest. Now he somehow has her agreeing to be his while sharing her but its okay in his head and eith his tastes because shes not his. It was a problem with other guys wives though.
11/21 c20 Guest
De aging is just cosmetic? Changing their height, shape, and mass is just cosmetic and soesnt affect age?

No spell from before to choose the gender of his offspring?

This is the second mentioning of sharing a woman with another guy...
11/21 c19 Guest
Can he not sprout bat wings as a vampire? He actually has to race change into an incubus or dark angel to have wings?

Really hope the gangbang spell doesnt get used. Dont know why he would enjoy being surrounded by naked men and dicks even if they look like him in the first place.
11/18 c10 Re Lovely Lover
Guessing the whole vampire having power over those that turn them doesnt apply here.

Rather than respawning hes now given himself yet another affliction that screws with his mind and self control.
11/18 c2 Re Lovely Lover
So felicia doesnt want the kingpin dead due to her father and shes not a blonde outside the suit it seems.
11/17 c1 Re Lovely Lover
So all those he cared about were dead and only some of their memories were saved. His unborn daughter gone.

Am I understanding that right?

Why didnt he just rewind time and shift his girls over?

Again it makes no sense that the system would even delete his data in the first place because its beyond obvious Shiro would bring him back.

Hell Himawaris portions ahouldnt of happened if this was a thing because Shiros daughters actions doesnt just undo the things that happened. Again the system should know damn well Shiro would revive him anyway.

Is this seriously a redo with everyone he cared about and his future child/children being nuked just because?

No desire to read a story that casually whipes out the MC's girls and kids just because. Even with a redo they couldve been left alive. Put in stasis or some shit for when hes established himself. Maybe unlocked a new hub and can find them there and undo their stasis.

Why the fuck do this?
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