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3h c33 AnimeA55Kicker
Well this was a hell of a read. Worth it to not do shit at work.
11/22 c19 AnimeA55Kicker
He did it, he tempted fate
11/22 c9 AnimeA55Kicker
I think Kuro goofed her.
11/22 c4 AnimeA55Kicker
Thats why I enjoy reading Kuro more. He will actually find guys he likes, and not NTR them.
11/22 c1 AnimeA55Kicker
I enjoy reading Kuro more than Shiro. He is a bit too much of a dick for me.

And I dont blame Kuro for shanking Issei for the power up. Honestly i would do the same.
11/17 c33 kuro yaksha
Hey man great job you did on these fanfictions I think I finished reading almost all of your stories just now aside from the first Shiro one I dropped it halfway The ruby version was way better and I like Kuro more than Shiro anyway. Just hope that you comeback to these. I loved reading it aside from few scenes that were too much but great stories you write overall.
11/14 c1 Morning Rize
Did I miss what you did to spinneret and co.?
11/11 c33 2Janek Gra
That was great, if you're ever gonna update, there's a great fic called Force Without Balance. You could get some inspiration from its later chapters :)
11/10 c5 Mystery889
11/10 c5 Mystery889
Excellent thanks quotes
11/8 c33 1Kargan3033
Nicely done I'm glad you finished this story I really enjoyed it, thank you for your hard work in writing it I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
11/7 c33 dudepotatos
I like how Kuro's alignment is simply "Kuro"
10/29 c33 Samthman
Did he ever heal Deadpool
10/21 c33 noire125
First and foremost, thank you. Other than noodlehammer you'll be the other author whose story I liked reading. Even if currently most of the stories ended abruptly it doesn't take away the enjoyment from the whole, specially with how many words those stories have. Also, the improvement of how you write those stories, damn. To see improvements being made story after story in real time, amazing.

Yeah noodlehammer and you. Most of the power fantasy fanfiction I've read has this pathological need to make it challenging that the MC's power ups no longer mattered. A harry potter that has won the war against voldie has trouble fighting a mob character(iron man rip-off). Most of those I've read missed the memo about BADASS MC. You can have a class C MC when normal, Class B when pissed off, then goes god mode when it really matters. They had it in reverse, Class SSS when describing the MC's power, Class S when fighting mob characters, Class F against named character.

I digress. Again thank you. Looking forward to your on going and next stories. If you don't mind I hope you can also rewrite a HoTD fanfiction or continue from here. Seriously, that is one popular ecchi story that has no fanfiction that I could like. Good day
10/17 c31 TigerJacob
Don't think I ever read chapter 32 spoilers so guess there was a point to this beyond generally enjoying the wank fest, still one of my favorite fics, thanks for the read!
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