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9/25 c92 8WENN9366
I can't imagine how hard this is for Aaron to effectively have no parents right now. At least he has Enos. Lance/Darcy...bad blood, heh, ain't that that truth. Love the part about Darcy's murder setting D and E on divergent paths where he went out to slay dragons and left Daisy to shift for herself.

Ooo...I like Enos' idea of deputizing old ridgerunners! Clever! Really interesting to see Enos talking about legal vs. right with Aaron.
9/7 c91 WENN9366
Oh Enos, you'll be a great father, and too hard on yourself. And, it's going to be really tough for both him and Aaron if Inez doesn't turn up. I kind of gathered that Aaron thinks Enos is Superman and can do anything, including find his mom and bring her home alive.
9/7 c91 3westerns never die
I love old Roscoe! I can just hear James Best now. It’s all starting to come together. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
8/31 c90 8WENN9366
Sounds like Caleb is picking up Duke habits real quick. Love the team of Rosco and Daisy, always have. Either I'm reading it wrong, or Daisy seems to be getting awfully close to Turk...
8/26 c89 WENN9366
Everyone's inching closer and closer to a final showdown it seems... Hope one day Annie can stop running and hiding.
8/26 c88 WENN9366
I love Rosco in 2013 - I can just hear James Best sitting on his porch giving an interview. And his views on courting..."If Enos Strate could do it, so could he." LOL
8/18 c87 WENN9366
Poor Kate. Hopefully it won't be long before it's safe for her to reunite with Mignon.
8/14 c86 3westerns never die
I prefer Bo stories to Enos but this one is an exception. Been reading since I found it around the middle of July and I’m up to date now. Wondering how all the little loose ends will tie up. Keep writing, I love this!
8/14 c86 8WENN9366
Poor Kate! And poor Enos - he has more on his plate than Boss Hogg at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Glad Turk will get to meet up with Enos, but it's not going to be good news, probably.
8/14 c85 WENN9366
Hmm, so Inez isn't as clever as she thinks...

The whole picturing Enos in a Hummer wearing tactical gear *grin*, but the next line about him worrying about a great many things just kills me. Enos have a hero complex? No, but true heroes seldom do.

Oh no! Darcy's killer isn't going to be in danger are they? I hope something happens to Nicki before he's able to give away that secret to Lance. And now a whole new twist with Inez.
8/7 c84 WENN9366
Whoa, that's some secret! Oh my gosh, Inez! Wow, that really puts a different spin on things, and yeah, I can see how Enos might having a hard time getting past it, even as forgiving as he is. Ouch!

Love the juxtaposition of Thompson remembering how Enos told him he'd 'mess him up if he hurt Elektra' while imagining him fetch corndogs for Rosco. That was great ;)
8/4 c83 WENN9366
OHHHH! So that's who Lance is...what a small world! Love your lines about the web and the spider. So very, very true. And you've given several hints as to where Enos will eventually end up someday. Me wonders how that will happen, says the reader...
Over WAY too soon...more please!
7/24 c1 18JadedPhoenixBurning
OOH! Do we get to see how Enos becomes a sex-pot between the two reunion movies? I'll have to keep up with this story. ;P
7/18 c82 8WENN9366
You've done an excellent job with a tough subject and I don't even want to think about the amount of research you've put into it! Loved the part about Enos challenging the guy from Missouri, but thinking he'd done a terrible job. Just like him to sell himself short.
7/7 c81 WENN9366
That's really crappy what his father-in-law tried to do. Unfortunately, it may never get any easier although if they don't stay in Korea forever, maybe they won't have the bad relationship hanging over their heads then. Enos is so sweet (sigh).

Lol, my brainchild...I sound like the mad scientist I am...Bwhahaha!
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