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for A Time For Harmony And Vengeance

4/1 c7 Raymondjay41
I hope you continue this story, as I enjoy reading it
3/31 c7 3Jestrbob
so far, so. good. I understand the wall, you have hit. Carry on.!
3/30 c5 LadyQuinzel
"Bingo was his nameoh? No... wait... Bozo!"
Lol. I like your sense of humour.
3/23 c1 qwertypous
i dont get it, why not allow the ritual to happen and also not kill voldemort when he has the chance to do it? its pretty stupid you know that right? i know your trying to have voldemort live but the way you do it is way too stupid.
3/22 c7 1Anisabel
Please continue your story
3/22 c7 Guest
This is great! I hope you come back soon!
3/22 c7 1Sarek5959
More please! I love a good time travel and veangance story!
3/19 c7 reseh
This is an interesting story so far. Can’t wait to see the bury Dumbledore. Thanks for posting.
3/14 c6 suziq968
Just found and read this again. I hope you keep going. Vengeful Harry is big fun. I hope they remember Winky, poor thing. She deserves a good family.
3/14 c7 santa s angry elf
this story is quite good are you going to finish it?
3/12 c1 HarryPotterFanNumber7
Hey there Mr. McGill,

Will there be any plan on continuing this story?

This story is. without a doubt, very entertaining. If this were a literal book, then I would not be able to put it down.

Please, if you have any more chapters, I would love to become a Beta Reader for you, so I can assist, with any, and all, spelling and/or grammatical errors, that may be present.

If it makes any difference, my post now should show you, that I am capable of showing the correct vernacular, when reading, and writing my stories.

Hoping you are well,
3/11 c7 nymlover
great story so far well done

I hope to read more soon
3/11 c1 Blueabeetle33
Please add more chapters this book kept me going throughout my day yesterday and I want ro know what happens in this fanfic more than I do most
3/8 c7 keitaropurple69
I loved this story and it was very original, however i was wondering if you were going to be adding anymore chapters to this story or not?
3/7 c7 21Duchess67
Aw, Harry giving Hermione so much credit was so sweet! And heaping it on like that, harping on her being his girlfriend and making Ron so angry (and Ginny so sad) made me cackle just a little bit. Okay, I cackled a LOT! *snickering some more*
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