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11/25/2020 c15 guadadominguez4
11/23/2020 c15 7sairakanzaki
It's been a long time since you update T.T but I'm so happy you updated! What's the next challenge? Please update soon.
11/20/2020 c15 14KuraiArcoiris
I think Gon was a great choice! Especially since I was bemoaning the lack of interaction between Gon and Leorio. Those challenges were interesting and different. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!
11/20/2020 c15 Levin Kluge
Great chapter again, I hope you continue very soon.
11/19/2020 c15 8The Keeper of Worlds
That’s one crazy challenge at the end:
8/29/2020 c14 7sairakanzaki
Such a tease T.T so mean~

Who's the fifth? Hopefully its killua hahaha

Such beautiful story please update soon
8/27/2020 c14 8The Keeper of Worlds
If it’s Kurapika I will laugh sooooooo damn hard.
8/22/2020 c14 14KuraiArcoiris
Ooooh. Things are getting interesting. I didn’t think Leorio would fall into the room with these four. I thought for sure Killua would have followed him. At least I was right about Hisoka. Creepy jester man. Illumi’s a surprise too though. I wonder who’s the fifth. Also, I shall enjoy watching Tonpa get his comeuppance. It’s way too fun!
...maybe I, of all people, shouldn’t be calling Hisoka anything...
Anyways, thanks for the chapter!
8/22/2020 c14 wildman9002
8/22/2020 c14 yvonne.eevee22
If its killua, it will be funny how leorio reaction is.
8/13/2020 c13 KuraiArcoiris
Ah, Leorio’s beserk button: his age. It was nice seeing how attached Killua is to Leorio. And how Leorio knows how to get under Illumi’s skin. Though one does wonder if that will come back to bite him.
Thanks for the chapter!
8/12/2020 c13 37kyugan
I totally feel you Leorio, some of us just look older than we actually are. On the upside it makes getting into bars & clubs easier.
8/12/2020 c13 Levin Kluge
Nice chapter again. I hope you continue very soon.
8/12/2020 c13 7sairakanzaki
Hehehe now the third mission is kinda hard so i hope leorio will not mess it up like in the anime hahaha. Please update more. I'm so hooked up on this amazing story. Hopefully in the third mission illumi and leorio will team up hahahah. Update soon.
8/12/2020 c13 Guest
I check this everyday to see if it's updated and I can tell you that I was so excited seeing that it was just updated a minute ago. I really really love this story
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