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for A Rabbit among Wolves

46m c30 The Joker Blight
And so begins the greatest rivalry in human history. Every good hero needs a nemesis and it looks as if Jaune's found his in Neo. Their battles will be legendary!
4h c29 2Midknightjet
Chapter 29 is in the top 10 iconic chapters in the coer-verse. The conversation between Jaune and Adam was tense, bittersweet and funny at the same time. (Kept imaging Snake Eater as the BGM) , and Ever since Blake compared the two of them in “One Good Turn Deserves Another.” I can’t unsee the duality between the two.
13h c30 supreme man
Is the troll seriously back? This is insane, this has been going on for so long.

This fanfic troll duo "mr grimjaw" and "i luvgrace420" dont even have any stories worth reading. How can they advertise their stories and .trash ones that are clearly superior?

We need to take action, we need to flood their review section!

Down with "mr grimjaw" and "i luvgrace420" !
1/26 c30 GrimDecline
Honestly... I don’t see Jaune beating Neo in any other way. I hope we get a scene with Neo purposely using food and trash to beat up Jaune for revenge.
1/25 c30 biggums
Wow this is one SHITE sotry! Felt like poo the whole way through!

I totes think "I luvgrace420" does way better at writing and LOOk! He even has a new sotry up titled "christmas island" WOW! check him and and sent some luv his .way but hey, dont h8!
1/25 c30 SinfiniteX
Don’t mean to nitpick, but just thinking that Neo could probably cut her way out of the dumpster with her sword.
1/24 c30 Mancubye
To boomking

He got it after the first reid
1/23 c30 1boothnat
Another fantastic chapter!

I have to say that this feels completely warranted. Sure, Jaune beating Neo might seem absurd, but it was also entertaining as heck and hilarious to boot. Especially the bit with the microwave! Great work :D
1/23 c30 23Simply Christian
This chapter reminds me of why I enjoy this particular fic; it’s reminiscent of the cracky action that we were introduced to back in chapter 1. Great humor, wacky chase scenes, and hilariously implausible acts of awesomeness.

Jaune manages to narrowly escape Neo through quick thinking and bad/good luck. Of course, now Roman is going to assume that Jaune Arc, leader of the White Fang, is a monster in combat because of how he “trounced” Neo.

Aside from her little Freudian slip at the start with Cinder, Ilia does a good job of stepping up to the plate of assuming command in Jaune’s absence. She prioritized the mission’s objective and managed to get a couple of the mob goons and the guns to turn over to Vale.

And since the White Fang has Cinder on camera dealing with the mob and showing off her powers, that means Cinder’s infiltration plan to Beacon just went south.

And most importantly, Sun’s abs survive.
1/23 c30 boomking
I don't recall him ever having aura. When he get that?
1/22 c30 briskpillow642
honestly I don't see it going down any other way lol 10/10
1/22 c30 Shadowstorm-Vash
Oh no poor Neo XD
1/22 c30 kurama587
Man, that Neo/Jaune fight scene was a work of art. I loved it.
1/22 c30 Guest
I don't think Neo used her Semblance once this fight.
1/22 c30 2Emberframe
so the theme of this story is defeating people in weird ways
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