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for A Rabbit among Wolves

1/31 c42 NO 13 Night
put? post murder tension?
1/15 c69 4Bowserjrrules
An interesting story to be sure, once more you managed to write jokes that got me to actually laugh and not simply snort. The plot also took itself just seriously enough to make a point, but the Veneer of comedy helped many from truly drawing blood, which I suppose is the reason behold parodies. I do think the ending felt odd, like the story went out on a whimper, but it was not so egregious that it ruined the entire tale. Anyway, great story, keep up the excellent work!
1/9 c17 2LoudOpinions
I've read Arc Royale and I'm almost certain Jaune didn't say he with Sun. Doesn't mean I'm not disappointed.
1/9 c10 LoudOpinions
2/10 Ozpin. Anybody with sense knows that even saying 'you're not in trouble' won't be enough to reassure a student.
1/4 c43 Guest
Write an AU where Ruby becomes mayor for your next big project, please.
1/2 c17 15SkyPalaceBuilder
It feels kind of gross for Jaune to say "anyone that matters" about Adam. Like... what, Adam isn't a person? Okay, yes, he did bad things, but Jaune made the point that they're not killing anyone, even bad people, so at this point it feels kind of cruel, like he's saying Adam isn't even a full person. Making me sympathize with Blake crying about how no one cared that Jaune murdered Adam (it wasn't murder but she doesn't KNOW that).
1/1 c5 SkyPalaceBuilder
I really enjoyed how you depicted Lisa and how Jaune's view of her changes over this chapter. It's kinda masterfully done, especially Jaune recognizing his own flaws and how he was a bystander before, and the new developments at the end... I really like how it shows what they're up against, in a way that Jaune learns from, but also provides a kind of hope, in a way.
12/19/2022 c69 david 1213
para cuando el cap 70?
12/13/2022 c69 1ren kageoshi
Thank you for this masterpiece I love your take on the white fang here it really makes me wish the show writers went in a nuanced direction in Canon.
11/27/2022 c8 anakinastronaut
you accidentally wrote Code (no Geass) lol
11/18/2022 c69 1Alonestarfish
Well, that was a pleasent story. Still surprised how a supposed crack story about an idiot leading bigger idiots against other idiots could turn out to have some of the best political and social commentary I have read in a while
11/12/2022 c1 Guest
All these puns and no one noticed that you ended chapter 69 with a sex scene.

Well done.
11/13/2022 c19 1MaracaRin
There’s a couple things about this story that don’t make particularly logical sense, like Jaune being able to kill Adam and Cinder not just toasting him for taunting her, but Jaune managing to perform as Vivian completely off-the-cuff takes the cake. Not to say it isn’t comedic, but still, how?!
11/12/2022 c58 1Ushio
What children? they are 17 as first years and your British right? the UK sends 17 year olds in to combat.
11/7/2022 c69 2Wild Fox Fire
so no sequel
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