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for A Rabbit among Wolves

31m c54 SentinalSlice
Wooo! Ozpin being epic! He probably wrote those laws, so of course he knows them.
1/23 c54 Guest
If there's any character I think you hate, it's Robyn Hill. You've wedged the Ace-Ops in everywhere you can, but haven't touched the other major character V7 introduced - or any of her posse - with a ten-foot pole. Good taste there, she sucks like a vacuum cleaner.
1/22 c38 tntian54
I am loving this fanfic with the way the story and the potential Sienia ro. ance.

I could be blind but Jaune said he was going to call his mother but I don't remember him ever calling her.
1/20 c54 Guest
So many people think, you hate Ozpin because two or three story his a bad guy. But its of course wrong. That about me, I'm very inttesting to see another character like a vilan in your story. James or Qrouy. Or another character like a hero: Heizel, Leonardo, Watts. Because you are the best autor.

Sory thore my bad english.
1/22 c54 6Star Sage
To be fair, the ONLY time you've done Ozpin dirty as a world sculptor is Null, and a lot of that is simply we never see the world from his perspective in that one. We really should have, honestly, as his actions drive the final act of the plot(From Ruby's Kidnap to the Battle of Beacon), and yet, he's completely apart from the rest of the cast, discussing his reasons with no one, and giving only small glimpses into his motivations.

Meanwhile, Service With a Smile, The Beacon Civil War, Professor Arc, The one here, and the one in Self Made Man are all quite appropriate in how they operate, and all have a chance to lay out their motivations and reasoning at some point in their stories. Even this one has done so more than once, thanks to our POV chapters of him.

Again, I will still say, in Null, he doesn't get this, and he's actually bad there, with only 3 reasons for his actions possible for a not crazy person, and 2 of those reasons paint him as the greater evil than Salem, while the last paint him as a very...I'm gonna say nasty person.

Here is where he's best though, between the stories of yours I've read, as he is given a much greater chance to shine, and interact with a larger selection of the cast, giving him even more opportunity to be a force in the plot that we get to see in action.
1/20 c1 Guest
I mean it's more like 4 but I get were you are coming from
1/21 c54 7Reaper7
I read Knigh of Salem before this update, and I gotta say, it's a bit jarring to go from a Jaune who's been through multiple kidnappings and is now unfazed by the act, to a Jaune who's been kidnapped maybe two or three times and is still kind of squishy. Huh. I don't know who thinks you make Ozpin into a villain, but you can ignore them. I don't see it.
1/19 c54 Guest
i mean you dont ever pair jaune and pyrrha ever together and yes i know this i have been reading your shit since the very beginning. So yyyyaaa fuck you for destryoing that relationship with him and glynda in the professor series as well. You ozpin hater llmao
1/19 c54 Guest
So using the abundant towels as bedding for warmth is somehow too difficult a concept for Jaune or Adam to grasp? Sorry but this just seems like lazy writing.
1/19 c54 Guest
If Jaune has so many towels why can't he use them as blankets?
1/19 c54 Sadly Sad
Coeur, in regards to your ending author note, people will say anything to justify what they believe in regardless of facts - I think these last two years have shown this.
Hell, just last week I watched as reviewers chased away another author from this site with that every attitude.
Ignore them as much as you can. Let them scream into the void. People like me can see the facts and support what you make.
1/19 c54 Guest
Adam getting a redemption arc in this story is everything I wanted and more.
1/19 c54 Guest
If people say that you dislike Ozpin, I suspect it may be that he's generally seen as ineffectual more than anything. Which may be a hazard of having a characte canonically in stalemate for hundreds or thousands of years, only to be shown up very quickly.
1/20 c54 1NerdLord2nd
I would assume your getting accused of hating on Ozpin since Relic of the Future is either your most recent or among the most recent fics to finish so its more noticeable then the many others he isn't. also I do believe this is only the second time I've seen the whole "the voices in my head are keeping me sane" idea and its just as funny as last time. keep up the good work.
1/18 c54 Paul
Lots of towels. No blankets. This isn't rocket science - use towels to keep warm.
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